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The 5 Best Black and Asian Dating Sites and Apps

The internet has turned the world into one global village. Along with that, the choices that we make of partners to date and even spend our life with have improved a lot. Today, online dating has crossed the racial boundaries. If you are black and you would like to date an Asian, the best black and Asian dating sites present you with an excellent opportunity to do so.

There are many Asian-black dating sites. All of them offer unique benefits to the users. Before you sign up on one, it is best to read a review about it, such as you are reading this one for the best Asian black dating sites.


badoo dating site

Badoo has more than 460 million members worldwide, making it one of the top dating sites in the world.  Once you sign up and start using, you will agree that this is one of the best dating sites out there. First, the sign up process is ever so simple. The best thing about this site though is that it will bring you matches that are closest to your location. This makes it a fast dating site for people who are serious about finding love online.

Established in 2006, this is not a very old networking site at one decade old. However, it has grown exponentially in membership. Today, there are millions of black people from all over the world signed up on this site. Likewise, there are millions of Asian men and women signed up.


Get matched to the people who are closest in your location. If you are an Asian looking forward to dating a black partner, well, you do not want one who is in Africa if you are in California.

Signing up is so easy. If you are in a real hurry, just use your Facebook account to connect to Thus, your Facebook profile will be used so that you do not have to create a new one. However, do not worry because the Badoo connection will not be displayed to your Facebook friends and family on your timeline.

If you choose to create a profile, well, go ahead. You should give your email address, your name and location. This should just take a couple of minutes. You can also upload at least one photo and you will be ready to start dating. Just remember that you will be required to add photos of yourself exclusively. Not with friends, family or pets – just yourself.

You can contact a limited number of people on the site through instant chat. This means that as a free user, you actually stand more than a fair chance of finding the love of your night, or even a none-night stand.

To get started, Badoo brings you profiles of different users, depending on the preferences that you entered. On the profile photo, you will see the name and age of the owner. You will also see the icon of a heart and another with an X inside a circle. If you would like to match with that person, click the heart. If not, click the X. If they like you back, it is considered a match and you will be ready to roll.

It has both Andriod and iOS dating apps available, making it very convenient for you to look for your partners online on your smart phone. The site supports English, japanese, Spanish, Deutch, Korean, Chinese and many other languages. 


To unlock all the Badoo features, you can buy durations/coins/credits. Starting by the duration, 6 months will cost you $5.83 monthly, paid in one lump sum. If you opt for credits, you can start with 100 credits at $0.03 for each, all the way to 1250 credits at $0.008 for each.



2. (one of the best black and Asian dating sites)AsiaMe Dating site

If you are a black man and you would like to date an Asian lady, it is best to go where you can find them in large numbers. Asian black dating sites do not come any better than the, a dating and social networking site that has existed since 1998. It has become better with time and today, a large number of profiles are of Asian women.


You will be required to give minimal or basic details to sign up for an account. It is so easy to sign up. Name, email, password and your gender are all that you require to give out. After that, you will have to fill a form for your match preference. Also remember to verify your information by clicking the link that will be sent to your email. Be keen when filling the match form as the software will use that information to match you with beautiful women.

You can search for women free of charge. That said, there are women online to chat with all the time. However, please note that to communicate, you will have to pay a fee. They do not offer a free communication feature. When you pay, you will be able to chat with women, video-chat or even send them emails.

Communication features come aplenty on You can use email, live chat, video, cam share or even call service. Besides, you can also opt to buy a flower or a gift. Just go to the gift section and choose something, and it will be physically delivered to the person of interest.

Once you start using the site, the software builds a list of everyone that you have contacted. This list will always bring you the top 100 people that you have contacted most. The list stays updated as long as you are active on the site. If your account is inactive for 6 months, the contact list is deleted. The site supports English, Detuch and French. 


The charges for using the premium features of AsiaMe are a bit steep but hey, if you will get the full value for it, then it is not extravagant. You purchase credits, and one credit costs $1.99. You can purchase as many as you want. However, it is best to start minimal so that you see how much using a certain feature costs. Then you can decide whether it is worth it or not.

There is an app available for Android and iOS. It is free of charge, you can date on the go.




asian dating is a member of the Cupid Media group, one of the biggest online dating fraternities in the world, with tens of dating sites under their umbrella. These sites are targeted at people from different parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and South America. is one of their most prolific online dating sites. It has more than 2.5 millions of subscribers from Asia. A good percentage of them are women. Thus, if you are a black man and you fancy meeting an Asian partner, this is where you should create an account. If you are looking for a partner from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Taiwan or any other Asian country, would be a good place to start.


This is a free-mium dating site. That means it has some awesome free features, and it has even more awesome paid-for features. The one thing that you should know is that as a free member, you cannot read emails from other users, unless they are paid-for. You will not be able to communicate through instant chat or video chat. It is best to pay and unlock all the premium features.

As a free member, you can create a profile and upload your photos. You can also be able to match with other users of your choice. Make sure you give details such as your interests so that you can be matched with people of similar or close interests faster. You can find your matches using measures such as culture and ethnic background. This ensures that you find the Asian partner that you are looking for faster.

If you are a paid member on, you may include a short video description of yourself. That should make you stand out very well from the rest of the regular profiles. You will also be able to connect and communicate with all members, including those on free membership.

About searching for members, well, it does not get any easier than you get on this site. You can narrow down your search to the tiniest details. For example, you can even search for potential matches based on hair color, eye color, height and so on.

It has Android dating app available, makeing it easier for you to keep in touch with your potential partners easily. iOS app is not available at present. 

As for the languages, it supports more than 20 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian and many other major world langauges, hence attract members from different countries and background.


As we said, it is best to pay to unlock all the communication features. Like all of the Cupid Media sites, the paid-for membership comes in Gold or Platinum. Gold members pay a fee from $10 monthly, paid for annually. Platinum members pay a higher fee, which could be up to $35 per month. Not to worry though. You will unlock many features. This is one of the most recommended black and Asian dating sites.



4. is large, very large, and old too. It was founded way back in 1995 and that it has survived the competition for that long is very impressive. This means it must be good, and it is one of the best Asian black dating sites to get the love of your life from Asia. This online dating site is not specifically targeted at the Asian or black communities. However, it is easy to find a partner from any part of the world. The membership of spans more than 30 countries. The site is also available in many different languages. features

The first thing that you are truly going to enjoy from is that you get a guarantee to find a match if you are on paid membership. If you do not find a match, you are going to get paid-for membership for an additional six months.

The search feature is quite advanced and it includes many filters. For example, you can start by searching for people already online, age, location, sexual orientation, gender and many more. You can also do a smart search, reverse match and even DateSpark (a feature that matches you very closely to spark a date). All these are features designed to make your search as easy as possible.

You also get to send a VIP email to your favorite matches every Monday. By VIP here, we mean that you get to send an email that will be highlighted in the inbox of the recipient, thus standing out and giving you a higher chance of getting a partner.

You can also be able to block users or keep your profile on private mode to avoid being sent too many emails and requests. If you would rather designate the people that you would like to receive emails from, that is even better. You can filter your email list so you only receive emails from certain members.

For about $7, you can get to use the MatchPhone feature. That is a phone connection service, where you get to speak to matches of your choice on your phone. However, your phone number will not be exposed. hosts events in different places at different times. Dubbed Stir Events, you will be notified anytime there is one near you. Thus, you can enhance your service of finding a partner.

Like Tinder, has both iOS and Android apps available, making it one of the top dating apps to meet new singles. 

Cost is a paid-for site. You can choose the monthly plan at $42 per month. You may also choose the 3-month plan at $23.99 per month paid together. The last plan is the six-month plan at $20.99 per month paid together. When you pay, you will unlock more communication and matching features.




cherry blossoms dating site

Also called, this is the one-stop online dating site for white, Asian, Hispanic as well as black people looking for Asian partners. It has a large membership of Chinese beauties. Information has it that it was established in 1974. That was before even the internet had been invented. It was initially a dating and love magazine and with the coming of the internet, it would metamorphose to the online dating giant that it has become.  


What features make this one of the best black and Asian dating sites? Well, first, it has a large membership of users from Asian countries. With the bigger percentage of the users being women from China, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia and Malaysia, you will find a mate.

Sign up on this site is so easy. First, you are only required to give scanty information about yourself, same as you would expect on any other site. Just fill your name, email address, gender and what you are looking for. You will also be required to fill your location and other personal details. These include things like hair color, eye color, height and so on. The idea here is to help you get a match as fast as possible. You can create a full profile later on.

As a free-mium online dating site, this means you can get some features free of charge. However, these are limited at best and they may not help you get your match as soon as you would like. If you would like to unlock all of the features of this site, you should pay the charges and you will get a match faster.

Some of the features that you can enjoy with the free membership include sending smiles, looking at other users’ profiles and doing simple searches.

With paid for membership, you can look forward to enjoying features such as being able to send and receive messages from other members, be able to chat instantly with other members, be able to access customer support easily. You may also have your profile moved to the top of the searches, thus increasing your chances of finding a match.

When you sign up on a site looking for love from Asia, you want to be able to filter the results. allows you to do that. For example, you can filter the results by country. You may also narrow the results further by restricting your search to the members who are online at that particular time.

These are just a few of the features that you get to use on


You can pick one of the four or so payment plans that are available on this site. The first payment plan is for one month where you get to pay $29.95. You may also choose the 3-month paid membership plan at a total fee of $49.95 (for the three months). 6-month plan will cost $79.95 for the whole six months and the annual payment plan will cost you a total of $119.95 for the whole year. You can see that the charges for each month reduce as the length of the subscription increases.



The Asian black dating sites and apps that we have reviewed here can help a black man find an Asian partner in a short time. However, you should note a few important things about these sites. First, it is better to use the paid-for memberships as they have more features. Secondly, you need to be persistent if you really are determined to find the love of your life from China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and many other Asian countries. Signing up for membership and then popping into the site just once every couple of months may not get you an Asian partner. Be persistent and you will find what you are looking for.


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