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10 Amazing Characteristics of Korean Girls

Korean girls are stars of the internet!

Searches for information on Korean girls on the internet tend to rank very high, with many sites almost regularly in the top 5 of all searches for Asian women. In fact, of those foreign men looking for Asian women to date or marry, the numbers who search for Korean girls are consistently a very high proportion of the total.

So, what is so special about having a Korean girlfriend? Why do Korean girls stand out? Well, let’s look at this question from both a physical and emotional perspective and give you an introduction of Korean girl personality.

1. Korean girls’ physiques

Some may beg to differ but Korean girls tend to have the best figures among Asian women. Relatively tall and slim, Korean girls seem to maintain their natural body weights and physiques longer

Maybe it’s partly due to the competition for men in Korea and pressure of Korean society, but Korean girls generally do present well, taking good care of their skin and hair, nails and diet.

beautiful korean girls

A beautiful Korean girl

2. Korean girls’ femininity is attractive

Despite being known as relatively assertive and independent, most Korean girls retain a high degree or femininity. Not overbearing or with a seriously immature side as with certain other Asian women, Korean girls, more often than not, present as a mixture of female charm, strength of character and with just that right degree of feminine guile.

3. Attentiveness and integration of Korean girls is renowned

Korean girls are, generally, known to be comfortable with integrating into mixed race relationships and continuing to be attentive their men’s requirements and needs. They can be flexible and accommodating, confident in their own abilities to integrate with foreigners from countries all over the world.

4. Educational levels of Korean women are very high

A seriously high percentage of Korean girls go on to tertiary or University education—an overall figure somewhere in the high 80s or even low 90s. In fact, a significant proportion of such women go overseas to study, with many staying on for a year or two post-graduation to live and work in the country they have studied in.

5. A spirit of adventure is within most Korean girls

Perhaps it’s due to their higher levels of education, and their overall worldliness, but many Korean girls seem to possess a spirit of adventure not always found in the “typical” Asian woman. It’s not unheard of to find that Korean girls are on holiday alone in remote islands such as Palau or trekking around the capitals of Eastern Europe.

By and large, Korean women are far more engaged and knowledgeable about the rest of the world than many other Asian women and this aspect appeals greatly to foreign men.

Actually dating Korean girls

Right, so now we have a brief summary of some of the attributes of Korea girls, how does one actually go about finding or getting to know or dating a Korean lady?

6. Getting down to Korean girls dating

As in many other countries, actually dating Korean girls can, initially, be not without challenges—especially getting started on an inter-racial relationship. This may be simply due to the fact that, for example, English may not be the first language of either party or there may be some simple misunderstanding about culture or some other facet of Asian traditions or lifestyles.

Often both parties can have a differing view of the realities of dating and meeting the expectations of your significant other may not always be easy. However, once the initial ground-rules and/or clarification of any issues which may be perplexing are out of the way, then dating Korean girls can be immensely rewarding.

Another factor to remember is that the city girls from the greater Seoul area are quite different from provincial girls—tending to be more sophisticated and independent. Typically, such city girls are taller with slightly paler skin tones and more often than not better presented. Yet some of the regional cities such as Busan or Pusan are also leaders of fashion, often taking the trends for Seoul and making them into their own unique styles. Korean women from the south of the island tend to be more down to earth and resilient than many of the Seoul city dwellers, although both types of Korean women appeal to foreign men.

7. Where to meet Korean Girls

You can meet Korean girls in your office if you are living in Korea, at a function, on the street, at educational facilities or even via unexpected random encounters on the subway or in department stores. Korean girls are, usually, quite happy to get into a conversation with a foreigner, although it often helps if there is a group of two or three girls to give each one of them that little extra courage.

Seoul is, obviously, a large city but there are two key areas where pretty Korean girls can be easily found—either by day or night. Gangnam, with its modern office towers, shopping centres and entertainment areas are home to numerous attractive women, although some men favour the older established restaurants, bars and night life areas in the traditional, historic CBD to meet up with their Korean beauties.

8. “Blind” dates as an option

women datingHowever, many Korean girls expect to meet a potential boyfriend or suitor via a so-called “blind date” (referred to as “sogaeting” in Korean); this is one of the most preferred ways to meet other singles looking to date and usually involves groups of friends meeting up with other friends in tow so that, in fact, the meeting becomes an opportunity for singles looking for friends and potential girlfriends or boyfriends to get together and check each other out.

There are actually other types of blind dates, but these tend to have specific purposes:
미팅 (meeting) – refers to a group blind date, mainly for young college students where a group of male friends will meet a group of girl friends, ostensibly to go to restaurants or shopping centres, maybe bowling or to see a sports event but is often more of an opportunity for younger potential daters to get to know each other.
선 (seon) – refers to a blind date arranged by the parents of the Korean girl or Korean man. This is far more formal and can be a very serious date, given that both parties have expectations of marriage or a lasting relationship right from the outset.

9. Korean girls’ dating sites

Korean dating sites are ideal for the foreign man who is either not living in Korea or close to an overseas Korean community or who is maybe outside of the younger circle of single Korean girls.

It’s quite simple really—there are so many dating sites for Korean girls looking for a man from overseas for a long term relationship or marriage. Most foreign men find that to search for a Korean girl on such website takes a lot of the challenges away from his search.

10. Information on potential Korean girls is readily available

Obviously, most of the pertinent data about the Korean girl is available for review, plus probably also a summary of her likes and dislikes. Then there will be details of the key requirements she is looking for in a man and, maybe best of all, a selection of some photos. As mentioned earlier, two main dating sites for Korean women are the very popular Korean Cupid or UB Love. There are also sites such as Kakaotalk which provide Apps to be downloaded to help you find and contact attractive Korean girls.

As with most dating sites, such sites for Korean girls usually allow the parties to engage in some initial conversations, some preliminaries about getting to know each other before the opportunity arises for the big first meeting.

Whichever way you choose, whichever way you prefer, if the end result is that you end with up with a beautiful Korean girl as your girlfriend or even Korean wife, all that effort will have been worth it! Given the continued increase in mixed race relationships and marriages between foreign men and Korean women, it’s unlikely to be long before you find the lady for you!

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