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KoreanCupid Review


Korean women are beautiful, intelligent, very clean and they have a bubbly personality which you will notice as soon as they get used to you. They have inherited a rich culture and tradition, and they have a huge reputation as some of the best homemakers in the world. If you desire one such woman, no matter what part of the world you come from, KoreanCupid has them in one place. You just need to sign up for a free account and start dating one. But wait, why should you sign up on KoreanCupid? You need to start somewhere and if you do not live in Korea, you know that conventional dating will not work for you. That is why you are reading this KoreanCupid review so that you can find your partner online. Just how hard or easy can it be? Well, you know that the dating experience that you get online usually depends on a few things and one of them is the efficiency of the dating website that you join.

Overview of KoreanCupid dating site

Firstly, this is a niche dating website. That means that when you sign up, you will only get Korean women. It means that all of the profiles that you will find there are those of women from Korea. Are these profiles real, I mean, are there real women behind the profiles? You can believe without a doubt that all the women are real. That is why this site has paid for memberships and you know that for the best you pay highest.

One of the things that most people consider when signing up for an account on a dating website is how easy or hard it is to navigate. Well, as this KoreanCupid review shows you, this site is not going to disappoint you. It is easy to find everything that you need since it is all on the homepage. If you are keen enough, you will see that this site is owned by Cupid Media, a company that runs many dating websites that connect people with their soul mates from all over the world.

Right there to your face is the signup form. Just fill in the first name and your email address and just like that, you are signed up, free of charge. From there, you can start building up your profile, which should be very easy. Upload fresh photos, you have to look your best because some hot Korean women will be looking at your profile soon enough.

If you want, you can watch the short video posted on the site to help you sign up quickly and get started. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

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Features of

The features of any dating site are very important, that is why people pay to find their soul mates and partners on the dating websites. One thing that you will note about KoreanCupid is that it is so easy to navigate. You will not need any direction around since everything is right there on the home page.

There are so many features, but with the standard membership which you get free of charge, you will not be able to unlock all of them. You get to enjoy three features with the free membership and these are sending interests, communicating with the paid-for members and basic matchmaking. That is about all, but as you will find out, it will be enough if you do not want to spend money or if you want to try the site out and then upgrade your membership later.

From the standard membership, there is the gold membership and yes, you guessed right, it is paid-for. This one packs many more features than the free membership. You will get to send interests, contact paid-for and the free members, send emails and even chat with contacts through instant messaging. You will also get an ad-free site experience. How much will you pay for all these great features? We will discuss that in the cost section.

The one that takes all the accolades is the Platinum membership and as its name suggests, it is quite big on the features and on the cost too. However, this membership package is cut out for people who do not want to wait around to find their soul mate. Among the features that you will get with this membership include an ad-free online dating experience, your profile will be highlighted so that you appear first and get the first priority, and you will also get to use the other features that come with the gold and the standard memberships.


Standard membership is free of charge. No pay at all.

Gold membership

For the gold membership, you can choose one of the three packages like the one-month membership for which you will pay $34.99 per month. You can also go for the three-month package which will cost you $68.99 or $23.33 per month. The twelve-month membership will cost you $139.99 or $11.67 per month.

Platinum membership

The Platinum membership also comes in three packages. There is the one-month package that costs $39.99. Then the 3-month membership that costs $79.98 or $26.66 per month. You can also pay for the 12-month package that will cost you $149.99 or $12.50 per month.

For the features that the paid-for membership unlocks, it is much better than the free membership but at the same time, if you are short on money, you do not have to be left out. You can use the major credit cards to deposit payment or PayPal, whichever is most convenient to you.


If you are a sucker for good looking oriental girls from the Far East, one of the places where you can find them is on There, you will find women who are ready to date. The profiles that you will see on the site are real. You will not regret trying your luck here. Is KoreanCupid legit? Yes it is. You cannot lose your money and you will get what you are looking for. Sign up today free of charge and date the woman of your dreams.

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