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5 Best Online Dating Sites Canada

Next to the USA, Canada is easily the second most cosmopolitan country in the world, with people from all ethnicities. A time comes when these people want to date from their countries, or from within their communities. This is where the best online dating sites Canada come in. Online, you can date from any part of the world. Thankfully, there are many popular dating sites in Canada.  If you would like to date a man or woman from Canada, you are in luck because there is a lot of potential. You just need to identify the best dating site and you will be good to go.


match dating site

This is one of the best, and most popular dating sites not only in Canada but in many more countries in the world. Once you start using it, it is easy to see why. It is so easy to use and your chances of succeeding are very high.

If you seek for information about the top dating sites in Canada free, you will find that pops up in the first search results. All the best dating sites in Canada are similar to what we get in the USA, and is right there at the top of the list.

What you are looking for specifically is the dating site. Here, you will find singles of all ages and from all backgrounds looking for love. Right there on the landing page, you will see profiles of many people looking for love. Just fill a short form with information for your gender, what you are seeking and age, zip code and then you are good to start viewing photos of potential mates.

Features of

Fill your date of birth, your email address, choose a password, and as soon as you are done you can start using the site. Or you may even log in using Facebook. Do not worry about it, as they will never ever post anything on your site. Those Facebook peeps need not know that you are seeking love on

You will love that offers many features even to members who are on the free subscription. In fact, it is recommended that you try the free membership and then go for the paid-for one later on.

There is no limit to whom you can date on this website. It is what we call an open dating site. Whatever your sexual orientation is, just get online and find the love of your life.

Free membership on

When you use a free account, chances of finding a date are high. However, they cannot be compared to what you would get when you try the paid-for membership. With the free subscription, you are allowed to create an account free of charge, fill all your details, fill the details of the potential matches that you are looking for and do much more.

After getting your profile ready, head to the Mutual Match section. You will see a big button for that. There, you can see the people that you match with. You may also try the reverse match, which is going to show you the profiles of the people that are looking for someone like you. Either way, you get close matches with high potential for finding the love of your life.

Paid for membership

There are three paid membership plans. They are as follows:

  • 3-month membership plan is $17.99 per month, paid together
  • 6- month membership plan is $14.99 per month, paid together
  • 12-month membership plan is $13.49 per month, paid together

With paid membership, you get to remove profiles of people who have not responded to your emails. You also get to communicate with other members safely. Basically, you get what every free user gets, and much more on top of that.



badoo dating site

Everyone knows It is one of the most popular dating sites in North America. The good thing about this site is that it is incredibly simple to use. It is also one of the top dating sites in Canada free.

Badoo brings you the profiles of people that are closest to your location. This means that the chances of hooking up are pretty high all the time since all of the profiles that you will get are of people within walking or driving distance. Thus, if you are in Quebec, you will find matches from there.

Badoo features

To use Badoo, you can sign up through email, or you can just use your Facebook account. Again, if you choose to go the easy way and use Facebook, this site will never publish anything or display anything on your Facebook profile. Once you are signed up, you can start finding matches. If you love someone and you would like them to know you do, just tap on the heart icon. If you would rather pass, then do so. Just click the X icon.

The ease of communication on Badoo, whether you are a paid-for or a free member is unparalleled by any other online dating service. Chat is open to all people. In fact, we can refer to it as an instant messenger service. You can chat with your matches in real time. If they leave you a message when you are offline, you will find it the next time that you go online.

This service works in the same way across different devices. Thus, whether you are using a PC, iPhone app or android app, the features are the same across board. On all devices, you may filter the matches that you would like, and search for people near you.

If you like someone, just add them to the Favorites List. It is free. At the same time, you will love that you can find out who checked your profile out. You will see their location and what they used to view your profile. If you share many interests with them, go ahead and “like” their profile.

The price of using Badoo premium

There is Badoo premium, which unlocks more features. Many people just use the free version and it works for them. However, just in case you are inclined to make a fast connection, then the payments are in form of duration/months packages and credits.

  • $8.33 per month for 3 months, cumulatively
  • $5.83 per month for the 6-month package


  • You can buy 100 credits for $3
  • Buy 550 credits for $6.49


3. is not only one of the best online dating sites Canada, but it is also an open dating site. This means there are no obstacles whatsoever, whether you are looking for a same sex relationship, white and black, Hispanic or any other. You are welcome to try your hand at finding love on this dating site.

This is a freemium dating site, like many others out there. However, what really makes it stand out among many is that the free membership enjoys so many features. Just like, the free members on can enjoy full communication with the other members. Signing up is easy, you just have to fill details for your profile, same as you would do with most other sites. Give as much information as you can so that the software can match you as closely as possible. features

The most important features of this site include free communication with other members. A few years ago, it used to be a no-bounds communication, but that policy was later changed. Today, to communicate, you have to like the person’s profile and they have to like yours back. It is only after that that they will see your message.

The site looks more like a social site than a dating site. There are questions and answers sections, snapshots area and many more simplified features. You get a good feeling just by being on this site.

If communication is that good when you are on free membership, why do you need to pay? There are many reasons for this. One of them is that when you are a paid member, you can enjoy the private browsing feature. You can also use the message storage features and many more.

As a paid-for member, you also get an ad-free browsing experience. They do not start selling to you right away. In fact, you can stay the entire time on the site without knowing that it is a paid-for site. If you would like to enjoy upgraded features, just pay. It is much better that way.

With some luck, you can do a fast job of matching with a potential  relationship partner. Just use the QuickMatch feature, which saves you the time that you would have used to go through profiles.

Another incredible feature is that this dating site makes data-informed matches. With every match that is brought your way, there truly is a chance to connect. That is why you take a quiz so that the answers you give can be used to determine what other people you match with, without wasting too much time.

Cost of

The price of using the paid-for membership starts at $9.94 month but with longer subscription, you enjoy lower payments. Paid membership is available in two types – A-List Basic and A-List Premium, both of them with incredible perks.



One would think that a dating site established back in 2003 would be out of favor with many people in 2019. However, nothing could be further from the truth because this site is still very popular. Of course, there is a good percentage of Canadian Romeos and Juliets there, looking for love. Whether you are a senior seeking a Canadian senior, a young man looking for a young lady from Canada, this is where you want to be. There is plenty of fish to be had on PoF! features

You can date on the go, just download the PoF app into your smartphone. Android and iOS technologies support this app. The app is quite streamlined and it brings you the same features that you would get when using this dating site on computer.

This is one of the most effective freemium dating sites out there in cyberspace. However, the free membership is not limited in any way. You will love using features such as communication, sending and reading messages and make matches as well.

The Meet Me feature is available for you to pick your match, like them or click yes on them and then they will be notified of the same. If they click yes on you, it is a match! If you do not like the profile just click no and that will be that.

You will enjoy using the UltraMatch feature. This feature brings you members that you match closely with. At the same time, the feature is based on the precept that you are most likely going to date a person that appears in the top 50 spots. 50 profiles are quite many to sift through, but again, the concession is that any fewer than that would reduce your chances of finding a match.

The Nearby feature will bring you profiles of people that are very close to your location. This feature is available for both the paid for and the free users of this site.

Finally, there is a feature called Top Prospects. These are the profiles of the people that you have had contact of any sort within the last 30 days. It is easier to date a person you have had contact with than having to start from scratch all over again.

Cost of using

It may be one of the top dating sites in Canada free. However, to enjoy unlimited features, you still have to pay a small price. Don’t worry, PoF is more affordable than  most other sites. When you pay, you will get features such as see the users that have expressed an interest to meet you, see the latest members first, see when other users were online last, see who looked at your profile, see whether a user has read your message and so on.

There are three payment plans:

  • 12-month package for $6.78 per month paid cumulatively
  • 6-month package for $8.50 per month paid together
  • 3-month package for $12.90 per month paid together


5. Tinder

tinder dating app

Working in more than 185 countries in the world, Tinder is pretty much the one-stop site for everyone looking for love online. You can be sure there are millions of Canadians signed up on this website. Therefore, finding a Canadian man or woman for a relationship should not be too hard for you.

It is very easy to join Tinder. All that you need is your smartphone. You can download the app, launch it and then fill all the needed details. This app works on almost all mobile networks. If you would like to date online when you are on the go, this is the best application to use.

Tinder App features

Tinder works by bringing you profiles of people that are closest to your location. Again, this is not a new concept because many other dating sites do the same. Tinder goes an extra step however, as it lets you know of any mutual friends you may have with a certain person. If you like a profile, Tinder provides a chat room where you and the friend can chat. If you do not like that person, he/she will never know.

You will login to Tinder with your Facebook profile. This is what many social-dating sites do nowadays. However, Tinder will never display anything on your Facebook profile or timeline. By signing up using Facebook, you save time because the Tinder app will just collect your data and use it. This flexibility of use is probably the reason why this app is regarded as one of the best online dating sites Canada. Please note that even if Tinder pulls your profile information, you still decide what can be shown publicly and what is to be kept private.

If you like the picture of the person in the profile, just swipe right or tap on the heart icon. If you do not like them, swipe left or tap on the cross icon. If a person that you like likes you back, you will be notified of a match and Tinder will provide both of you with a thread to start chatting.

You may use the few free Super Likes to show a party that you are seriously interested in them. However, note that these Super Likes are only available for a short time before they vanish, for the free members.

Yu may for the Boost feature, which will shoot your profile to the topmost position in your area, making you visible to many potential matches.

Tinder cost

Tinder charges according to age:

  • For users below 29 years of age, the cost of using Tinder for a month is $9.99.
  • For users above 30 years old, the price for using Tinder for a month is $19.99.

Visit Tender!


With the information that you have read here, you can now be able to choose the top dating sites in Canada free of charge. As Jennifer Lopez sang “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” love doesn’t have to cost you a dime, if you can wait. However, if you want to find love as soon as you can, you can choose one of the best online dating sites Canada with free as well as premium features.

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