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5 Best Senior Dating Sites and Apps

Hey there! Are you a senior and you need love? You have come to the right place. Just because your hair is gray, it does not mean that you should miss love or even having an exhilarating short-time fling. Here, we will bring you 5 best senior dating sites and apps. If you are over 50, older, or even younger and you know someone who is a senior and needs love, read to the end.

Among some of the things that a dating site for seniors must have include a user-friendly interface. When you are 50 and older, you do not have the time or the patience to start figuring out what a certain feature on the website means. You want to have everything as straightforward as possible.

What is the best dating site for over 50?

There are many. Therefore, it can be hard to pick the very best one. However, sites such as, eHarmony and are perfect choices for a man or woman who wants to cut to the chase and find a perfect match. Whether you are 40, 50, 60 or even 70, you can find love on these sites and you will never regret it.

What is the best dating site for seniors?

This site must be easy to use. It must come in free and premium version. The free version of the site will lock some features, but many people have found love using free dating sites such as Tagged and Badoo. However, in case you want to unlock features such as video and direct email and chat contact, you should have the option to upgrade with an affordable fee.

Is there a Tinder for seniors?

There is a Tinder for seniors alright. Actually, there is a Tinder for everyone who is of age. You can use the provided filter to find people of the age group that you want. Enter details like age range, your gender, what you are looking for (man or woman) and then press search. It will bring you profiles of people matching your needs.

Review of the Top 5 best senior dating sites and apps

This is the 21st century and therefore, finding dating sites for over 50 is ever so easy. Here are some of the best sites to start looking for love:


Is good for seniors? This is one of the questions that most people ask online. Well, the answer is yes, it is very good. You will find it easy to use and effective at hooking people up with the right candidates. Not to be confused with another site called, this one is one of the most popular sites for dating in the world. Youngsters, middle-aged people and people of the same sex orientation find their mates here.

It is legit that is one of the best dating sites for over 50. There is a large pool, probably running to millions of people that are looking for love, just like you. Irrespective of what your status is, that is, single, divorced or widowed, you will find love on this site. This website and app has been around since 1995, so you can see that two and a half decades is enough experience to get you what you want. This site has grown tremendously over time thanks to mergers with other dating companies. Today, it brings you a large pool of people looking to date, in all age groups.

Setting up your profile

Setting the profile is so easy. You will be guided along and you need not spend too much time on it. You want to spend most of your time finding matches, not building on your profile. After you are done, you will find it very simple to search for matches. Just make sure that you set up your profile correctly so that you can get the right matches. If you are gay, for example, you will be looking for men. Therefore, fill that in your profile so that you can get similar matches.

Fill in all the required information. This includes things like your height, your marital status, kids, level of education, level of income, ethnicity, religion and many more. The more details that you provide about yourself, the closer the matches that you get will be. cost

This is a premium-dating site. However, it has a free version too which has features like search and see matches, like profiles and get daily match alerts on email. However, paid-for plans have tens of more features that enhance the matchmaking process.

The paid-for plans come in a 3-month package, which costs $43.99 per month, a 6-month package that costs $26.65 per month and 12-month package that costs $23.99 per month.



eharmony Italian Dating site

Is eharmony better than You will find yourself making this comparison when you want to date online. Both sites have their merits and demerits.

The dating site eHarmony is a bit different from the other site. We will show you just why this is so. First, on this site, you do not search for matches. You will just be required to fill out an intensive profile questionnaire.

Their matchmaking software then uses every answer that you put in to help you find a perfect match. The matchmaking software considers compatibility from 29 dimensions. That way, when they bring you a match, it can lead to a marriage.

What makes eHarmony special?

If you are looking for a relationship that can lead to marriage, join this site. In fact, they claim that since the site was established in the late 90s, it has become so effective at connecting people for marriage such that there are more than 500 marriages per day from this site. We cannot establish how true that is, but even if it is a ruse, this site is truly known for its seriousness.

Using the eHarmony android or iOS apps, you can date even when you are on the go. This is a free-mium site, meaning that you can use it without paying, or you can pay the required fee per month.

When using it for free, some of the features are locked. For example, you cannot communicate with your matches. However, you can create a profile, view the profiles of other people and get daily matches. However, you cannot send or receive messages, something that makes it hard to find any match here.

eHarmony Cost

This site offers a few plans to the paid-for members. First, there is the 1-month plan that costs $60. There is also a 3-month plan that costs $34 a month, a 6-month plan at $30 per month and yearly plan at $20 per month.

There is also a Premier account that costs $41.95 per month and you can only use it for 12 months and renew again. It has some special features not found in the other accounts.

There are many benefits of paying for membership. For example, you can get the RelyID, which is a sort of badge that shows other users that you have been verified and that you are whom you claim to be. This enhances your chances of finding a match online.

Visit eHarmony!


While this is mostly a site for people who are 50 and older, there are still many members who are 30 and below. Therefore, you can sign up even if you are younger than 50. With a huge population of this community being senior in age, you stand a very good chance of getting love.

To start dating on, sign up for an account and create a profile. You can even sign up through Facebook and get photos from your profile. This dating site or app does not display any information on Facebook, so you need not be afraid.

You will have to add some information to create your profile and of course, you will be required to add a profile photo immediately. The verification process is quite simple too when you sign up through email. This site is designed in such a way that even people who just understand the basics of computers and internet can use it comfortably.

Creating a profile

After signing up and creating a profile, you want to know how to start making contact. After all, this is what dating is all about. This is also simple enough and there are many ways in which to do it. First, you can send winks.  You can also reply to messages and even chats. Remember, you will be able to do all these on a free account. The only thing that you cannot do with a free account is to initiate communication.

Another thing that you can do on a free account is view photos on other members’ profiles. The profile is not too detailed. However, it still has information that can help you unlock matches faster. If you would like to display just a few photos on your profile, create a private album for the photos that you want to keep private. Cost

There are so many things that you can do on a free account. However, you can do almost ten times more things with a paid-for plan. The premium plan comes in three packages. The first one is a 1-month package at $29.95 per month. The second one is a 3-month package at $19.98 per month. Finally, the last one is the 6-month package at $15.99 per month.

This is without doubt one of the best senior dating sites. However, it still does not have a mobile app, but the site is optimized for mobile use. Therefore, you can date even when you are on the go.

Visit SeniorMatch!


Is a good dating site? Well, it is perfect for people over 50. This site is made for that; to take care of the needs of people who are over 50 years of age. Whether you have never been married, are divorced or widowed; this site will enhance your chances of finding a life partner or even a short-term relationship.

Founded in 2011, this site has been helping people date. Specifically, it has been helping seniors to find people they can travel with, love and even get into marriage with. Some people say that OurTime looks like in many aspects. However, while the former targets everyone, the latter is made to help seniors find love. With over 1.5 million members from the USA and growing daily, you have a high chance of finding someone to spend your life with here.

Filling your profile

When you get online on, you will find that sign up is quite simple. It should not take you more than 5 minutes maximum even if you are not tech-savvy. While we have seen sites that require you to fill in so many details, on this site, you are only required to fill the basics. Soon after, you will be on your way to viewing profiles and making matches. You can upload up to 30 photographs. Of course, a profile with more photos has a bigger chance of making a match than one without. Cost

Like most other prominent dating sites, this one offers a free and paid-for version. Under a free account, you can view photos in profiles, get notifications for messages, filter results to see new members first or show persons that are online and much more. When you pay, you get to unlock tens more features that make your time on this site even more fun.

You can pay for subscription, or you can buy credits, whichever is most appropriate for you. If you decide to buy credits, you will pay $3, $6 and $10 for 55, 110 and 280 credits.

If you go the subscription way, you will find a few plans. The first one is the 1-month plan that costs $31.96 a month. The second one is the 6-month plan that costs $15.96 a month. Finally, there is the value plan that will cost you $19.96 a month. This plan allows you to highlight your profile so that it can stand out among many.

Visit OurTime



This is another of the best senior dating sites. It is specifically targeted at people who are over 50 years of age. Therefore, it is easy to use the site. First, you can be registered and have your profile all filled out in a few minutes. However, the site requires you to fill a personality questionnaire with more than 100 answers to enhance your chances of getting a credible match. You will get guidance to create a good dating profile online. The customer support team is always waiting closely to help you make a good first impression.

This is the right place to be if you are a senior. The reason for saying this is that this is an exclusive over 50 dating website. That is not all because they have a large international community. They have spread their wings to more than 30 countries. Therefore, if you would like to meet a senior single from Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile, France or South Africa, just sign up with

Using the site

As a dating site targeted at seniors, there are a few notable things. One of them is the large text, the usability and the simple design of the website. Everything is so well laid out. Even a person that is not too tech-savvy can find what they need.

How does the site work to bring you the correct or the closest match? Well, the software uses the personality test answers that you gave. This is why it is important that you give genuine answers. cost

You can use this site on a free basis, and you can use it on a premium basis. On a free account, you will get match suggestions, add members to a list of favorites, see profile information, send smiles and of course, complete the personality test.

When you upgrade to a premium account, you unlock more features. You can see visitors to your profile, see photos of any member, communicate as much as you wish and do much more.

There are three payment plans for using this site. The first one is the Premium Light plan. It is a 3-month plan costing $37.95 per month. The second plan is the 6-month Premium Classic that costs $21.95 per month. Finally, there is the 12-month Premium Comfort plan that costs $19.95 per month.

Visit SilverSingles!


That is it for the best dating sites for over 50. There is no reason why you should let seniority lock you out of the dating world. With apps and sites all over cyberspace, it is quite possible to find love online. Since the sites that we have looked at here are made with senior users in mind, everything about them is quite simple. The design is easy, the profiles easy to read and the usability is simple too, good enough for someone with just passing knowledge of using the internet. To find the love of your life faster, it is best to use the premium plans since they have more features. Chances of finding a mate on the seniors dating sites with a premium account are much higher than when you use a free plan.

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