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5 Best Taiwan Dating Sites and Apps

If you are a Taiwanese man living abroad and you would love to date a girl from home, or you are a foreigner and you find the lasses from Taipei interesting enough to want to date one, well, you would do much better signing up on a Taiwan dating site or app. There, you will find the girl of your dreams and you will love everything about her. Or will you?

Many people do not  know about girls from Taiwan, simply because they are not as overhyped as their counterparts from Thailand and Philippines. However, just because you have not heard about them, it does not mean that there aren’t some awesome girls for you there. With the online dating culture catching up in Southeast Asia, you can be sure that most of the popular dating sites in the world are available in Taiwan and if they are not, you can still find a Taiwan hookup app dedicated to the Taiwanese only.

1. AsianDating

asiandating website

AsianDating is big, popular and incredibly easy to use, with millions of beautiful girls and handsome men from all over the world. The site is among the largest social network platforms in the world and the best Taiwan dating site, boasting of over 4.5 million users around the globe. Whether you are looking for a friend or a mate in Taipei or anywhere else in the world, Asiandating believes that there is someone for you somewhere and you just need to sign up and connect.

You must be at least 18 years old to use this site. It is also available for download it as a free app for android mobile system. In addition, the site is available in more than 20 languages.  


Creating an account with Asiandating is straightforward since you can just register with your email or facebook account, provide a few personal details.  Once your account is created, you can be logging into your account via your Facebook or your personal email.

This platform gives you a chance to meet and make new friends, share photos and information with people around your locality and all over the world. It is a very user-friendly hook up app as it connects you with people from Taiwan who are already using it. This is more like cutting to the chase because you do not have to filter through users from all over the world to get what you need. Just indicate that you are looking for people from Taiwan. At the same time, if you are in Taiwan, Asiandating brings you people closest to your location for easier hookup and encounters.

Although this is an open site and any interested person can sign up, the site have come up with security and safety measures to protect their users personal data and to prevent fraudsters and hackers from accessing the users’ personal data.

Asiandating requires every user to verify their accounts in order to prevent the creation of fake accounts, which might be used for malicious activities. They also share your information with third parties such as their moderators, anti-spam providers, law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies who adhere to strict confidentiality provisions in order to ensure that your data is as secure as possible.

  • Free to register, you can easily register with your Facebook account.
  • Many women profiles available from Taiwan.
  • Translation services available to users.
  • 4.5 million members worldwide.
  • Sending interests is free
  • Advanced search filters available
  • Free members can only message premium members
  • You can see other members’ profiles even without a premium account.


You can join this dating community is free. You may have to spend some though if you would like to find the Taiwanese lady of your dreams faster. This does not mean that you cannot find one with the free membership, only that paid for memberships have more filters, which enhance your search experience.  

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 119.98 USD
Platinum Membership
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
12 Months 12.50 USD / Month 149.99 USD


Visit AsianDating!

2. Beetalk chatting AppBeetalk

Beetalk is a chatting app that is loaded with many exciting features. It is targeted at people of SEA and mainland China origin. This is without doubt a good Taiwan hookup app. It gives you a chance to connect and chat with new friends who are near you as long as you share the same interest in something.

If you are on either android or iOS technology, you can be able to download this app, chat and hook up with people who are near you. Whether you might be interested in a party, a game, a movie or anything else, this app connects with the people near your locality who are also interested in the same event as you are. This way you can be able to find and connect with a hobby group at any time and enjoy the fun together. And that … is how dating for marriage or for fun starts.

Features of BeeTalk

The main facility that is offered by this app is social messaging but it also has a great range of exciting features, making it unique from the other social messaging platforms.

The Flip feature for example enables you to automatically make many new friends by just browsing through various profile pictures and flip to the right side for like or to the left side for dislike. The Look Around feature helps you to locate and chat friends who are near you.

The unique Shake feature helps you connect with new friends in quite an unusual way. This is because instead of tapping on your devices screen to add a new friend, you are supposed to just shake your mobile device and this app will arbitrarily select new friends for you among the people who are also shaking their devices at the same time as you. The app will then add those selected people to your friends list.

Another interesting feature of this app is the  Whisper feature that allows you to send a message to your friend after setting a timer, which makes the message disappear after the set time has elapsed.

Then there is the Doodle feature that helps you sketch a picture and send it to your friends. Finally, the club feature helps you to form an online group with friends who share similar interests with you, chat and discuss your interests with them.  

The app has implemented various security measures to ensure that your personal data is safe and secure. Your personal data is contained within the company’s secured networks and it is only accessible to limited parties with authority to access it.


This app is absolutely free and all you are required to do is download it to your mobile device, create your account by providing few personal details and start enjoying the experience. Find a person near you when you get to Taipei and connect with them for a drink, a movie or some other exciting adventure.

Get BeeTalk

3. Paktor Hookup AppPaktor dating app

In the Hokkien dialect of Chinese, Paktor loosely means go out on a date. Paktor ranks as the top Taiwan hookup app thanks to its ease of use and the many incredible features that it comes with. Established in 2013 and currently with about 15 million subscribers and a good number of them from Taiwan, you know there is no better place to be than here if you are looking for a Taiwanese lover or date.

As a location-dating app, this means that it hooks you up with the people closest to you. What is the essence of dating a person who a couple of continents away with almost zero chance that you will meet them? This app though shows you why dating online can be more fun than even dating conventionally.

Paktor has five billion swipes, ranking it the top among all dating apps in Taiwan. Well, this success has not been easy. Joseph Phua, a co-founder from Singapore, had to use the lessons he learnt from European and US dating apps to blend with Taiwan’s conventional life. The main attention was based on the understanding of the people and their culture to come up with features suitable for the users.

Paktor features

One of the features would be Group Chats. This feature enables customers to communicate within a group as opposed to single talks that other dating services provide. Another feature is its absolute confidentiality and safety. Users feel comfortable to chat within dating apps that secure their personal information. Users say Paktor is fuss-free and simple: it matches people worldwide and eliminates language barriers.

You get entirely free chatting, liking and swiping with common matches. Borrowed from the Western apps, this Taiwan dating app enables users to swipe either to the left or to the right. The management team conducts tests at least 2-3 times every month based on the user experience, icons and different features.


Users can use their phone numbers to sign up to this Taiwan hookup app. This is special as compared to using profiles from other social media accounts. Signing up with a phone number ensures that user secrecy is preserved.

You can use this app free of charge, but it will limit you when it comes to communication with your matches. As a free member, you cannot be able to reply to chat messages. Paid plans start at $28.00 for six months, $30 per month for three months and $36 for one month.

User confidentiality is what many online users look for and Paktor assures you that they will never share your details without your consent. At the same time, when you like someone, they will only know when they like you back. 

Visit Parktor

4. WOOTALK Taiwan Hookup Appwootalk

WooTalk is a Taiwan hookup app founded in 2015. So far, more than five million people have downloaded and installed it in their mobile devices. You can find it on Google Play Store on android technology.

Over time, this dating app has received many reviews with a rating of 3.5 out of 5 WooTalk per Wo chat. Most top apps online have a rating of 4, which is not far from 3.5. Apart from chats, over 5 million people have downloaded and played WooTalk/Wo chat on their PC and 10 million on play store.

As soon as you download the application to your mobile, you can start using it immediately. However, if you are not a Chinese speaker, you may find it a bit frustrating because you have to depend on Google Translate.


There are push notifications even when a user switches their app off.  Chatting in “whisper” mode is another feature that WooTalk gives you. This means people can connect to others using similar whispers. You will also be to make private chats. This is a direct chat and it is easy to use. Once installed, you just have to click on the “start chatting” button to get people to chat with instantly. WooTalk offers a relaxed and enjoyable chat experience.

Secret language is another feature of WooTalk. You will meet people speaking same language as you do. All you have to do is to click on the “secret language” area to locate people. In addition, you can chat with other users and make your conversation private. People love this dating app because they can discuss adult topics when they click on the “adult mode” area.


It was hard to find information about membership options, so we figure this one is mostly a free app. However, it does seem to be specifically made for users from Taiwan, so finding a mate in Taipei should not be hard at all.

Once installed, you can easily find and chat with mutual friends. You do not have to register. All you have to do is to click on the “start” key and you will get partners to chat – from anywhere in Taiwan. According to reviews, users find WooTalk funny and enjoyable because of the anonymous chat feature.

You can download WooTalk app on your PC/laptop in two ways: Bluestacks or NOX App Player. The two are compatible with APK installation, and all you need to do is to install this software and install WooTalk. As for the mobile phone installation, you can go to Google Play Store and follow instructions. There are no installation fees or charges.

In addition to installing it on your PC and mobile phone, you can join WooTalk members on Facebook or Twitter. Here you will come across other Taiwan users or people from any part of the world. WooTalk is a social app recommended for people who are over 18 years. 

 Visit WooTalk!

5. SKOUT skout

Established back in 2007, SKOUT has been connecting people with their partners. And from the look of things, it has been doing an excellent job of the same. Today, there are millions of subscribers to this app, many marriages in Southeast Asia have come as a result of meeting on this dating app. If you are looking for the love of your life from Taiwan, this is the best dating app to download to your mobile phone. As its name suggests, SKOUT will help you to scout for the perfect mate. Are you ready?


Starting with the sign up process, it is very easy. First, you just need an email to get started. However, if you do not have the time to create the account from scratch, you will just have to use your Google Plus account or Facebook. The good thing is that as soon as you have signed up, you can go ahead and look up a match or two even before you complete filling your profile. Yes, it is that fast and it shows just how serious SKOUT are to hook you up.

This Taiwan hookup app works in a different way from the other apps. You can find matches by going through a newsfeed scroll feature where you see updates from different users in the city. We say city because this is a geo-location app and so it brings users from close by. You will also find the photos of people who are looking for a match from the same area where you are located. So, once you get to Taiwan, you can just download this app to your mobile device and it will bring you many users looking for an opportunity just like you are. It does not stop there though because there is a Shake feature that you can use to be matched to random users who are looking to be matched with strangers.

Use the Meet feature too which brings you the photos of people close to your location who are interested in meeting  a person like you in real life.

The Chat feature enables other users to start chatting with you regardless of whether you have indicated interest in them or not. If they are interested in your profile, they can chat you up.

People as young as 13 years old can sign up for SKOUT accounts. Because of this, data security is full enhanced and therefore you can be sure of the safety of your personal information. They also provide information about keeping safe when you are physically meeting someone for the first time after hooking up online.


  • Free of charge

Visit Skout !


You have seen a few of the top Taiwan hookup apps and dating sites. Some are free of charge while some are paid for. You have also seen that some are location-apps meaning that they bring you matches of people close to you. Whether you are a Taiwanese or a foreign man looking for a Taiwanese woman or partner, you should use an app that matches you with people close to you. If you are a foreign man, sign up on any one of these apps without fear because Taiwanese women love Western men or Asian men who live in the west. The best Taiwan hookup app should be affordable and should have many users to increase your chances of finding a match.

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