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How to Read a Girl’s Body Language to See if She Likes You

What are the signs?

Reading female body language is key to understanding whether or not a girl likes you. Telling a girl how you feel about her is stupid if you don’t even know if she likes you. You can tell if she likes you trough her body language.

Most of the time a girl will never tell you in words if she likes you. This is why you need to become expert at reading female body language. All successful pick up artists and seducers have great powers when it comes to reading a girls body language.

Before we get into the heart of the problem….

female body language

Realize that the communication that goes on between 2 people is not just the words.

This may be obvious to some, but it is crucial to understand that it is not just the words spoken that communicates your message.

Think about this for second. Imagine you tell a girl,

“I’ve dated 20 strippers and can seduce any girl I want”,but you are looking at the ground and can’t maintain eye contact, you keep stuttering and you are shaking from nervousness.

She will not believe you because you are not congruent. (Your words do not match your body language)

This is crucial to keep in mind, when you are picking up, attracting and seducing women. A girl may say one thing but may mean something completely different. You can tell by having a good ability at reading female body language.

Sometimes when a girl likes you she may hit you on the arm and call you a “jerk”. With time you will be able to tell whether or not she likes you or actually thinks you are a jerk.

Pick up artists and ladies men naturally understand these positive signs from girls, but sometimes it is difficult for the “Average Joe” to pick them up.

Some of the most common positive body language traits you will see in girls are:

Hand through the hair

When a girl likes a guy, she may often run her hand deep through her hair while talking to him. They also may pick a loose bit of hair and run it behind their ear (almost as if they were preening themselves in front of you). Something you may notice from distance is a girl running her hand through her hair and then turning to try and grab your attention (Hint: She wants you to talk to her)

Adjusting her clothes

The girl may start playing with or adjusting her clothing (almost as if she were nervous) in front of you.

Playing with her jewelry

If she likes you, you may she a girl playing with her necklace, grabbing the main part and rubbing it with her fingers.

Touchy, Touchy!

I hope this is obvious to you guys. If a girl is touching you repeatedly when there is no reason to, then she likes you!

Getting close

While you are talking, if the girl is constantly leaning in to hear what you are saying and positioning herself close to you when there is no reason for her to be, then she is attracted to you.

Stop laughing!

If she laughs at your jokes even though they are not that funny, you can be pretty sure she likes you.

These are some of the most obvious positive signs to look out for when chatting to girls. Something to keep in mind is that often girls will be ‘touchy-feely’ with everyone so do not take the ‘touchy touchy’ sign too seriously with these girls.

All the above positive signs are sometimes difficult to remember and spot while talking to a girl, so….

A good rule of thumb is to watch for anything a girl does that would make you feel uncomfortable if a guy were to do it to you.

Sometimes a girl will give you the negative body language when you are chatting her up,

Turn Around

Often she will just turn her body almost entirely away from you after you start talking for no apparent reason (Hint: she wants you to leave)

Eye Code

Girls often give each other glances to see what their friends think of you. If their friend doesn’t like you, she will usually look at the girl you are talking to and frown or motion with her eyes to leave.

These 2 are the main signs to look out for……

…..but, you may also think that if a girl crosses her arms, she does not like you. That’s not necessarily correct. Sometimes girls cross their arms because they’re cold or they do not like dangling them. So sometimes it is a negative sign that she does not like you, but other times you can just ignore it.

The key to reading female body language is experience talking to girls

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