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Top 5 Dating Apps in the US

It is not a secret that, recently, all those services were considered unreliable and had a rather bad reputation. The main reason for this was the fact that no one knew how to adequately fight scammers. Plus, the Internet wasn’t so widespread back then. Nowadays, the situation is very different. Today, it is much easier to find people online than offline. For example, European dating sites effectively math thousands of people from all around the world. But, in this article, we are going to share with you the best matching services that operate in the US.

1. Tinder

tinder dating app

I bet that all those people who tried to search for lovers online know about this service. It goes without saying that it is a very popular app and that it is widely used on every continent. The main reason for this is that because it is very easy to adapt here, and it has a very user-friendly interface. Hence, even those who have never used such apps before won’t have any problems adapting to it. Another advantage comes from its popularity. This app will show you a huge list of possible partners. Thus, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

2. XO DG

xo dating app

Overall it is a pretty good app. Neither this app is the worst one, nor the best one present on the market. It shows pretty decent performance and finds good matches for its users. The most interesting part is that it has built-in games for its users. Those games serve as some kind of icebreakers that are useful for everyone. The main idea is to help users to start a chat and ease tension. Furthermore, you are allowed to share your results and achievements on social medial. Furthermore, if you wish, you can have blind dates in this service if you feel like meeting someone outside of your interests.

3. Facebook

facebook dating app

While in to use other apps, you will need to create accounts and fill tons of various information, this one already has all the necessary data. Yes, we are talking about dating on social media. To use this service, you won’t need to install anything or other files, because it is already included in the original already installed app. This service uses information from your account, so you can rest assured that those filters will provide with the best candidates. You will find dating in the right upper corner of your social media app. There you will find this service.

4. Grindr

grindr dating app

This is the best option for LGBTQ+ people. This app mainly focuses on such interactions and represents a separate mix of social media and dating service. Just like with every other app, you will have to install it before you will be able to use it. And again, it is pretty easy to start looking for matches there. You can use your social page to get registered, or just fill the form to create an absolutely new page. Also, it is important in this app to be clear about your intentions. So, make sure that you fill the info on how serious you are toward your romantic partner.

5. Ship – Dating

ship dating app

This one is probably one of the least obvious services on our list. The developers claim that this is the only app that you can see while not being single. It’s all thanks to their unique idea. It is not just an app that helps to arrange Tete-a-Tete meetings. You will have a chance to council your helpers on whether this or that person is suitable for you or them or not. Even though this app is for those who often seek a friend’s council before going on a date. However, you can use this app like any other app from our list. It also has a pretty nice and easy to understand interface and won’t take much time to get registered. Also, all those tricks and tips for online dating work here as good as they work in any other dating app.

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