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How to Seduce a Girl

Learning how to seduce girls is critical to improving your love life. You will be very lonely if you do not learn how to seduce women.

Pre Seduction

Before even talking to the girl, make sure you have a few very important fundamentals taken care of.

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  • You should be clean. Even if you are going for the ‘grungy’ look, you still need to be clean. That’s means take a shower buddy!
  • You should have clean, white (or near white) teeth. Having yellow teeth and bad breath is a big no-no when picking up, attracting and seducing women.
  • Get a decent haircut (not a $5 dollar cut from a student hairdresser)
  • You need to wear clothes that categorize you into a ‘sexy stereotype’. Examples are the rocker/surfer/preppy look. This way, the girls you are flirting with will associate you with those kinds of people. Obvious stereotypes to avoid are the computer nerd/regular look (the guys who just wear jeans and a hoody)
  • Get some great shoes. It’s not always the first thing a girl looks at, but decent shoes complete the package.

It’s really important to get these fundamentals down before you start chatting up girls.

Why? It makes everything so much easier. Girls will start chatting you up and flirting with you without you having to initiate the conversation.

How to Seduce a Girl

Now that we’ve gotten the ‘pre seduction’ stuff out of the way, let get into the nitty gritty of actually chatting up and seducing the women we’re talking to.

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  • Do not wait for the perfect moment. You need to actually talk to the girl you want to seduce. Well Duh! Currently you are reading an article on the internet about how to seduce a girl. If this is the 100th page you’ve read then you are in a bad place. The best way to learn how to seduce girls is to actually go out and try to attract and pick them up. If just keep reading information on the internet, chances are, some other seducer will already be dating her by the time you actually make a move.
  • Do not but her a drink. Girls want and respect guys who have high standards. Trying to buy a girl’s affection with alcohol is totally transparent. Even if you buy everyone drinks all the time, it will appear to the girl you are trying to hook up with that you are just another guy who wants to buy her a drink. Do not be that guy.
  • Do not chase her. If you are constantly on the phone to her trying to get her to hang out and are always jumping at every chance you have to hang out with her, then you are always available. Do not be available to her every whim. Live your life independently of her. Think about it. What do you value you more? The girl who wants to hang out every second of every day or the chick who is only available sometimes.
  • Do have other girls in your life. Having other girls in your life that want to hang out/hook up with you makes you appear more attractive to women. This is something called social proof (something that pick up artists/PUAs use all the time). In short it means, that if everyone else already wants something (ie you), then more people will want it. Just don’t brag to other people about girls you are seeing. Be discreet.
  • Have fun and don’t be too serious. When guys do eventually get an opportunity to start flirting with a girl they like, they go into ‘serious mode’. Do not go into ‘serious mode’! It is bores girls. Just act like you would if you were hanging out with one of you friends. Tease, banter and joke around.
  • Understand that she doesn’t want to be seen as a slut. Make sure you are discreet. Girls do not want other people (guys and girls) to think they are sluts. They have reputations to uphold, so if you are trying to hook up with and seduce girls, remember that she doesn’t want everyone finding out about it.


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