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Tips for Attracting Women

Let me ask you something(because you just may need my tips for attracting women)……

Ever wonder why girls go out with guys you would consider to be a ‘jerk’? Someone who lies to his girlfriend, who even cheats on her? Maybe he doesn’t even have a job or he’s not really going anywhere in his life. Maybe you have a friend like this?

A lot of guys get confused when it comes to picking up, attracting and seducing girls.They think that if they show her how ‘good’ or ‘nice’ they are, she will fall head over heels in love.

They think of strategies such as…

-Maybe if I hang around her all day, every day, she will eventually see how hard I’m trying and decide to fall in love with me.

-Maybe if I buy her something, she will like me.

-Maybe if I listen to her problems, she will see what a caring person I am.

(Basically, they never had them same courage as you to google ‘dating tips for guys’ or ‘tips for attracting women’.)

If you haven’t guessed yet, these are NOT good tips for attracting women

The guys who actually get girls do not think like this. They don’t need tips for attracting women like you do because they understand how to attract girls naturally.

They realize that girls do NOT just wake up in the morning and decide to feel attracted to a guy (And neither do guys wake up in the morning and decide to feel attracted to a girl. Think about this for a minute).
As my good friend David DeAngelo (who has some great dating tips for guys)

“Attraction is not a choice”

That’s right guys. You do not decide or choose to feel attracted to someone (Think of a girl you know AND are attracted to. Now try and choose to not feel attracted to her. YOU CAN’T DO IT!)


Attraction is an emotional response not a logical one.

A girl can know that you are a good looking, stable and honest person but never feel attraction for you.

On the other hand, a girl could know that you are ugly, unstable and dishonest but still feel attraction for you.

So how do I make myself more attractive?

Should I be a ‘jerk’? Should I lie to women?


You need to look at what it is that ‘jerks’ have in their personalities that make women attracted to them, without becoming one yourself:

-They are often unaffected by what others think.
-They don’t care if the woman decides to leave them (because they know they can just get another girl).
-They don’t make the girl the center of their world(They usually have a passion or hobby that is far more important to them than the girl)
These are just some of the basic tips for attracting women. But I’m sure you guys want to know specifically what tips for attracting women work……well let me tell you…

1. Have fun.

The number one tip for attracting women is being a fun person. I do not mean you should be a dancing monkey, entertaining people. But a person other people want to have at a party because you make it better. In other words, do and say things not to get others attention but to amuse yourself

Guys get caught up in what I like to call the “GQ fallacy

They read these style and fitness magazines and somehow get this idea into their head that the only way to attract chicks is to look ‘cool’, act ‘cool’, have a ‘cool’ watch and have washboard abs.

Don’t get me wrong, these things DO help you attract women.

But they are a total waste of money! I have a friend from University that spent 6 days a week going to the gym and didn’t go to many college parties so he would have an ‘awesome body for the summer’. He told me that all the girls would be all over him once he had a great body.

That summer he WAS in great shape, but he could barely even talk to a girl and ‘all the girls’ were definitely NOT all over him.

The funny thing was, I wasn’t in the best shape all through University, but because I was fun and could actually talk to girls, I never had to bother with an expensive gym membership to attract women

Moral of the story:

Be a fun guy, not the entertainer or dancing monkey, but a guy who likes having a good time

2. Never prove/qualify yourself to a girl, ever.

We see it everywhere. Guys are always trying to ‘one-up’ everyone else in front of a girl they like.

Guy A “I got a B+ in the test”

Guy B “Oh yeah, well I got an A-”

Guy A”I can bench 200 pounds”

Guy B”Oh yeah, I can bench 220 pounds”

It’s so easy to fall into this trap. DON’T

Instead when someone tries to one up you, just say “cool” and give the girl a confident smirk.

This will show her that you are confident enough not to have to bother proving yourself.

3. Never make a girl the center of your existence. Have your own independent life.

“But girls say they want a man who spends time with them?”, says the guy who gets NO girls

Of course they do. But what girls don’t even know themselves is that if a guy does make them the number one priority in his life, the girl will get bored and leave!

So should I hardly ever hang out with her?

Hang out with her. But do not cancel plans with friends just to hang out with her. Live a fun life that she would want to be apart of, not the center of, so get some hobbies that aren’t Warcraft.

4. Gifts do not make women attracted to you.

I don’t know how many emails I’ve gotten where guys ask me what kind of flowers they should buy for the first date.


“So I should never buy gifts for women?”, says dateless Joe

It’s okay to buy gifts for girls if they have done something nice for you or it’s their birthday/Christmas and you are going out for a while.

If you’re not sure you’ve been going out long enough, then get her something small.

Better yet, make something for her, it has more sentimental value.

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