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10 Simple Rules for Online Flirting During Quarantine

Description: Flirting is a kind of game that helps people get closer, get to know each other, and enjoy communication. You can flirt in real life and while chatting on the Internet, which is especially true during the quarantine. Flirting tips are easy to learn; follow our advice, and you will succeed.

The age of high-speed communication has rid us of many time-consuming habits. At the same time, global quarantine has limited our ability to engage in romantic relationships. As a result, it is no longer possible to travel to different places to get to know someone. However, you can find a partner for the evening or life without getting up from your chair. To understand how the new match meets your expectations, you can read the profile on a hookup dating sites or bombard him with questions in the messenger – there is a chance that he will answer them, and even honestly.

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But when analyzing compatibility by objective indicators, we lose the habit of flirting, which is sad. The art of flirting is a prelude to a love affair (which may or may not remain in your dreams), a pleasant skill that makes a couple’s story emotionally richer. Behavior in a “right off the bat” style deprives the relationship of romance, so we advise you not to neglect the best flirting tips even on Internet “dates.” We will tell you how to keep pleasant emotions from flirting even during quarantine and self-isolation. Want to know how to flirt with your crush without being obviousStay tuned to find out more flirting tips for shy guys and some flirty texts ideas for girls.

Rules Of Flirting In The Time Of Social Distancing Dating

1. Think Less

You are not passing an exam. Start exchanging messages with the person you like – or reply to her/his message without thinking about the right approach and without trying to come up with a relevant topic for the first conversation. The question for a start can be the current pandemic situation, a banal self-presentation, some detail of your match’s profile. Or whatever interests you at the moment. Here are some flirty texts ideas: “What are you doing right now?” “Terrible weather, isn’t it? Hope you feel fine.” or “What a cute lynx on your profile photo. Was it scary?” The topic of the conversation is not essential – the emotions that you share when communicating are important. Remember: flirting does not oblige you to anything; it just shows your interest and readiness to meet. And please check the spelling of the interlocutor’s name. Referring to the girl “Anna” instead of the “Hannah” specified in the profile is a classic mistake of a serial dater.

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2. Do Not Overdo It With Writing

Steve Jobs’ rule for emails is suitable for online flirting also: do not overwrite it. Limit your messages to five sentences. You can appease your writing enthusiasm with emojis, but remember that the text itself must contain emotions – and preferably warm ones.

3. Be Confident

To not waste time and mood on embarrassment, talk about what you love to do staying at home or what you are good at. If your hobby seems boring to the other person, talk about a funny episode that happened recently in your life. If the person does not spark in response, relax, and ask some questions.

4. Don’t Overdo It With Sexuality

According to the most popular online flirting tips, aggressive fervor destroys romance. Light sexual innuendo can take place, but you shouldn’t dwell on details – this is too much, especially for the first conversation. Remain yourself: don’t try to impress and appear as someone you are not. Be open and confident – this is the formula for attractiveness.

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5. Take Your Time

At first, refrain from asking too personal questions. You shouldn’t be pulling out deep emotional scars from childhood when you are just starting to communicate with someone. Heartbreaking confessions will destroy the atmosphere of light coquetry – that is, the most pleasant thing at the beginning of a relationship. If you are relentlessly carried away to serious conversations, switch over, talk about anything: about dogs, a hobby, your favorite book, funny face mask designs, wine, the city… Be curious and naughty, compliment and conduct a dialogue, carefully reading the interlocutor’s lines.

6. Be Generous With Praise

Compliments are a signal of open flirting, and flattery is the key to all doors until it looks feigned. People love praise, even if they do not know each other yet. “What a charming smile you have!” – “Wow! This is a bike! ” – “Wonderful dog!” – it is scientifically proven that the answer to such remarks will be the smile and disposition of the interlocutor.

7. Say Goodbye If You Are Not Interested

Ensure that your flirting is mutual, as it is a pair dance, not a one-person show. The main thing in flirting tips for guys is that the beginning should be easy and fun, not just a girl you flirt with for statistics. If you are not attracted, back off. You do not lose anything, staying at home, and just chatting. Chemistry occurs only when you feel the joy of communication and sincerely want to talk to this person turning it into the first date flirting tips. Once you realize that you are wasting your time on that man or woman, move on.

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8. Don’t Get Carried Away With Jokes

Do not exercise your wit or try to make fun of the person, as is done in tones of films you have surely watched during the quarantine. The authors had a lot of time to think about jokes and the subsequent reaction to them. Your correspondence, on the contrary, implies spontaneity. And in general, using flirting tips while texting is funny, cute, and exciting and should not make you giggle. Laughter for no reason may be the effect with which we veil a nervous-shy state. Take a break and honestly answer yourself the question: what confuses you? Or do you want to reduce communication to a fun frenzy?

9. Make Yourself Successful

Put your smartphone aside. Stand up straight. Please take a deep breath and realize that your partner is really lucky to be communicating with you. Really. Remember this affirmation and repeat it several times before you start using any flirting tips.

10. Don’t Plan Your Wedding

…after the first emoticons in response to your flirty phrases. Do not enter into dreams of a serious relationship with a person you barely know – do not complicate the situation. Otherwise, you will feel like on exams (see point 1). Of course, during a pandemic, people get married online, but that’s not your current option, is it? If the person is not interested in flirting, don’t worry and don’t insist on communication – there are many options around. Flirting, you open yourself up to new opportunities and relationships, and time will tell what they will result in.

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Many are afraid to flirt out of fear of rejection. Don’t immediately think about a serious relationship, and don’t take flirting tips seriously, especially since during a pandemic, online flirting is available to you, where no one sees you and will not judge you! And if the person is not interested in flirting, do not worry and do not insist on communication.

Treat flirting like a game with no losers. After all, every attempt leads to the improvement of the skill. While flirting, you discover new opportunities for acquaintance and demonstrate your readiness for new relationships, and whether it will be just friendship or family life, time will tell.

Do you use any flirting tips? What is your favorite topic to start a conversation? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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