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How to Find a Faithful Companion in Your Chinese Life Journey

Are You in China and Wondering Whether You Could Meet the Love of Your Life? Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Ways to Find Love in This Magnificent Country!

Description: Reasons why people decide to move to another country or even continent are abundant and differ greatly one from another. Whatever sparked the desire in you, once you are there, you might feel drawn to the idea of finding a love partner while you are there!

We know that many will find it strange that we are talking about traveling and finding a love partner somewhere far from home at this moment. Indeed, many people still cannot travel as freely as they could before COVID – 19 and as they would like. However, we are expecting that things will change sooner and later, and we believe that it is good to be prepared for new adventures when the time arrives. 

If we asked around, we are sure most people would say that traveling is one of the best experiences a person can have. Regardless of the purpose or the length of the travels, we are all super excited about the opportunity to see new places, meet people, try different delicacies, and so on.  However, if you got a job or enrolled in a university in another country, and you are there to stay for a longer period, you might start to feel lonely and bored. This text is for these kinds of situations! Some people experienced how being in your shoes feels. Thus, they decided to share tips on how to find a partner for love. And they say it is regardless of whether it is through best hookup sites 2020 or in another way.

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Finding Love Partner In China

In general, traveling is, as we mentioned, an exciting event, but traveling to China takes you to a whole new dimension. First of all, it is an enormous and marvelous country with a lot of things to offer. From east to west and north to south of China, you will find a plethora of totally incredible places, as you have never seen anywhere else, as well as a variety of the most delicious meals you can imagine. Visiting entire China takes a lot of time, so be prepared to spend at least three months there without thinking for a single day that you are bored.

However, if you are like many others going to spend much more time working or maybe studying in China, your situation can indeed be somewhat different. Even in this great country with so many exciting things, there might be a moment when you start to experience loneliness. You might think that there is no point in enjoying all this when you don’t have a partner in love.  As much as it is not unusual to feel this way, we must tell you that you should despair just yet because we have some ideas on how to find a love partner in China.

Dating Sites and Apps

We don’t know many things about China, but one thing is certain – it is a highly technologically advanced country.  Chinese people rely on technology for practically everything. China’s progress is so fast that you don’t get surprised by the fact that Chinese people mainly look for a love partner online. Them, and everybody else who lives in China, even temporarily. Thus, if you are looking to find out how to find your soul mate or just someone you like, we recommend that you create an account on one of the famous Chinese apps for matchmaking.

Go To a Party

Instead of thinking about how to love your partner again after they left you, go to mingle with others at a party, and maybe a new love will appear. There are many foreigners living in China, so it is pretty simple to connect with the ex-pat community. More often than not, some of them are hosting large international parties where there is a high probability you are going to meet someone you like.

Learn a Language

When you live in a country, learning at least the basics of a language should be a norm. Everywhere you go, you will see that people appreciate your effort. But this isn’t the only reason to learn a language. Attending language classes is a great way to meet new people and potentially your love partner.

Meet Your Destined Love

Chinese people love their zodiac. In case you didn’t know, it has 12 signs, but it is based on the lunar calendar and features 12 zodiac animals. Each animal is repeating in a 12-year cycle – for example, if 1979 is the year of the Goat, then so was 1967, and the next one will be 1991.  As you can see, each year has one assigned zodiac sign, so your horoscope is calculated based on the year and not the month when you were born. If you know someone who can adequately interpret the Chinese zodiac,  you may likely find your karmic love partner based on that.

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Finding Love on the Marriage Markets

Although things are changing, there are still parents who go to Chinese marriage markets to find spouses for their children when the time comes.  Out of many of them, the most known is the one at the People’s Square in Shanghai. Parents write all of their child’s qualifications and try to attract a foreigner spouse for their offspring. There are many issues with this method in general. One of them includes how to love your partner after meeting them this way.

How to Deal With Sex Problem in Relationships

It is difficult to claim that it is common or not but what can happen is that you find yourself after some time wondering why my partner never wants to make love. That is not related necessarily to your partner’s country, in this case, China. Although sometimes, certain cultural norms may affect your sex life! But most of the time, there are other reasons for this problem. Indeed, for most of us, sex is the critical element of intimate relationships. But it doesn’t mean that all feel the same – some people think they can be intimate without actually having sex. Sometimes, there are physiological or psychological reasons why your partner doesn’t have sexual desire.

Love Born Out of Affair

Dating sites and dating shows that are equally popular in China are rapidly changing the traditional Chinese views about love and relationships. In the past, Chinese men and women had way more rigid sets of values than most of us from occidental countries. But in recent years, this has dramatically changed, so they are looking more positively even in situations when someone is falling in love with an affair partner. It is to be expected since Chinese society is also pretty male-dominated, but maybe in a different way than Western societies. What surprises is that they begin to have more understanding even when they have a situation of a wife in love with an affair partner.

Final Word

Keep in mind that when you are a foreign country, the most important and first step you need to take is to meet people and make friends.  The rest of the things, such as finding a love partner, will arrive when the time is right! Have you ever thought about ways to find love? Are you single or in a relationship?

Author’s bio:

Robert Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples of different ages and wants to share his thoughts about relationships with you. Robert’s hobby is traveling inside the UK and abroad. He has visited more than 15 countries, including the USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, etc. One of Robert’s biggest dreams is to take a photo on the top of Everest.

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