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The 5 Things You Do Wrong When Meeting A New Girl

Admit it guys, we all wanted to conquer the sacred art of flirting. What’s there to not like about flirting? It can get you girls, sleep with them and if she’s the one, you end up marrying her. The point is, flirting leads to many great things in dating; and any wise man would try to master this art and prevent any misleading actions that may ruin his chances with a girl that could be “the one”.

Meeting A New Girl

Unfortunately, guys usually ruin their chances with women with memorized jokes and unnatural compliments; but, more or less, it takes more than that to completely turn the girl off. Here are the absolute deal breaker:

1. Seeing The Woman As An Object

When I say object, I mean not only sexually but also as an award. Men take pride when they score a woman and some may even tell the tale of him doing the banging. I’m not saying to stop taking pride, I’m saying that your real goal here is to find someone who you see having a future with. Thinking like this before a date can surely open your sweet side more freely than thinking “winning the prize” as the latter may result in awkwardness later on.

2. Saying ‘I Love You’

During your first date, NEVER tell the girl ‘I love you’. It’s a major setback because girls don’t want anything too serious happening on the first date; plus, you will come off as a desperate loser who never had any girl before, exactly the opposite thing you want on a girl’s head. No matter how much of a good time both you had, keep that ‘I love you’ at your throat because this isn’t high school anymore. Things are getting serious from this point on, and regrets are harder to deal with too.

3. Talking Too Much

A man should not talk much more than the woman. It’s the code of dating, even cavemen before follow this code. The reasons here are: (1), Girls like to say a lot of things, and the more you get her to say anything, the greater the chance you have because of the trust she subconsciously gave to you; (2) You can use this opportunity to play hard to get by simply saying “Oh, now I’m interested” after a couple of things she has said to you. You can also share your adventures but know your limits because she’ll be bored if all you do is brag.

4. Analyzing And Overthinking

Geeks, like me, often overthink and over analyze women simply because all we did before is watching 15-minute video tutorial on Youtube which we literally don’t use in real life. Sure, some are good, but you can never plan what you say on all girls because they’re different from each other. What you could plan however, is how to prepare yourself before the date. The moment the date starts, just go with how the conversation is flowing and just wait for the magic to happen. True story.

5. Not Having The Mood

Before going into your date, be sure you’re emotionally stable and one way to do this is to watch funny movies or clips that provides the brain happy thoughts. During the date, it’s inevitable not to feel anxiety, and I advise not to force yourself going against it, but you can redirect your feeling by imagining a certain object and visual every part of it. Visualize it’s shape, texture, everything. This can put your mind in a new state where you reduce the anxiety you feel and can save the date you’ve been looking forward to.

Sometimes, we cannot blame ourselves from doing all these things once in our lives, and it’s okay, but be sure you learn from those mistakes. So that by the time you’re going to meet the love of your life, you’ll know what to do. Good luck!

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