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10 Tips For a First Date

As they say, there will never be a second chance to make a first impression. And making a good first impression is crucial. Here are ten tips that will help you on a first date.

first date tips

1. You have to be the one who pays

Pay for everything. Don’t even mention splitting the check into two parts. If the girl offers to pay at least part of it, don’t let her do it. If she keeps insisting, let her pay for what she wants.

This is not just a rule for a date. This way you’ll get the chance to tell whether a girl really wants to share costs or she simply feels obligated.

2. Place for a date

Secrets for Successful RelationshipsNo movies on the first date. How can you get to know each other if you spend most of your time in silence? I would recommend having a dinner on a date. Take her somewhere, where you will feel comfortable but choose a place that you can easily afford. You do not want to spend the whole date worrying about the check.

If the cost worries you a lot, you can arrange a meeting in a public place (for example, in a park or even at your apartment) and cook something yourself; it’s pretty easy. If you don’t know how to cook, you can just order food at home, but put a little effort on and set the table beautifully.

But at the same time, it’s important not to put too much effort. If things go well, you can arrange an expensive date next time.

3. Manners

First of all, if you ask a girl out to dinner, read the rules of table behavior and try to memorize at least one or two of them.

When picking your new girlfriend at her place, leave the car and open the door for her. Do the same thing when helping her get out of it. If you are in the restaurant, hold a chair for your girl and help her sit down.

Oh, and don’t be late; it’s the most important thing.

4. Respect

It means don’t wait for anything in return! No matter where you met a girl – in a park or at Russian dating site, a date is not a payment for the future pleasure, but a way to get to know another person, to understand how you fit each other.

This rule also means that you shouldn’t get drunk, take drugs, or put your companion in danger in some other way on a date. You can kiss her in the end not offering anything more and expecting nothing in return.

5. Self-confidence

Be confident in yourself and take responsibility for the evening. It doesn’t mean that you have to run around your woman, doing everything for her. Be decisive in your proposals, and you will definitely have an excellent date and make a good first impression. Remember, if you were a complete loser, you wouldn’t go on a date in the first place.

6. Appearance

Put on something that will suit for the evening. Probably, you should tell your girl where you are going to take her in advance so that she could also dress appropriately.

If you’re going to a café somewhere on the beach, dress properly, but don’t take it too far (do not dress too smartly). Also, when going to a restaurant, put on a shirt or even a tie. Make sure your shoes are clean. Take a shower, shave. Use perfume, but not too much.

7. Conversation

first date tipsDo not concentrate on yourself all the evening, be interested in a girl, and ask her questions (this works in all situations). Also, listen to what she says, and don’t look for an excuse to begin discussing you.

Don’t talk about your job for more than a few minutes. Although our work seems a fascinating topic for a conversation to us, it rarely infatuates someone else. Be sure to express your admiration for your date, but again, don’t take it too far, or you’ll seem desperate.

Never talk about dating other girls or about your ex.

8. Duration of a date

Don’t let the meeting last too long. Think of it as of a good meal: leave the table feeling a little hungry. End the evening earlier than you planned. Besides, you shouldn’t plan a date too far from her home; a long road back can spoil everything.

9. Gifts

Buying your girl a small gift on the first date is a good idea. Don’t get something expensive – just a small token of attention, for example, a single rose. Take where you’re going and how you’re going to get there into account so that your girlfriend wouldn’t have to carry anything bulky all evening. And don’t steal a rose from someone’s garden – buy it.

10. Ending the date

If you liked the evening and want to see her again, call her and say it. Don’t wait for too long. There’s also no need in telling lies. Be completely honest. If you spent time terribly, don’t keep it to yourself but try not to be harsh when telling her that you didn’t enjoy the evening. There is no point in deceiving a woman – it can end badly for both of you.

And the last piece of advice. Even the girls who dream about getting married will not understand you if you start talking about a wedding on the first date. Yes, most of the ladies want to tie the knot, but if a man talks about his dreams of family and marriage hinting at his companion on the first date, they may get scared. The relationship should be stronger to discuss such things.

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