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Top 10 Dating Ideas For COVID-19 Times

Coronavirus has forced many people to shelve their outdoor dating ideas, preferring safety to spontaneity. However, couples and first-time dates can leverage the following alternative romantic dating ideas to keep their romance alive during this hard period.

The ongoing corona-virus pandemic has affected jobs and businesses and forced the regular date night ideas into the back seat. With sober dating ideas, such as a couples’ night out significantly unavailable with quarantine restrictions, couples and those meeting through various hookup sites should look for new dating ideas to keep the spark in their romance alive. Home dating ideas require great innovation, especially as homes serve the triple duties of being a living space, a home school, and an office space.

This makes it challenging to re-imagine them as a romantic venue. However, restrictions of various tools for maintaining a healthy relationship due to social distancing shouldn’t be a limiting factor. Below are the top 10 dating ideas to consider during the pandemic.

romantic dinner

1. Prepare A Breakfast Meal

While most people concentrate on typical evening dating ideas, making breakfast fun is a good idea for those into luxury brunch. You can make the most from your breakfast by inviting your partner to a full breakfast meal, complete with pancakes, mimosas, and other favorite brunch meals. Unlike during regular times when breakfast was a rush to get out of the house, such interesting dating ideas can help you create a romantic time in the morning. You can even surprise your date with breakfast in bed. However, be cautious with this idea if your partner has strong reservations about bed-sheet crumbs.

2. Create an Innovative Picnic

While this may sound like college dating ideas, nothing beats the romantic feel of a picnic. Just to mention, picnic suggestions pop up in approximately nine out of ten Google searches and are among the best dating ideas on a budget. With quarantine restrictions in place, heading to the park or beach for a picnic might not be suitable. Therefore, create your own picnic dating ideas, on the floor, balcony, or bed.

According to dating experts, picnics should be more than what couples do, but the energy in which they do it. Regardless of your picnic idea of choice, picnics will make you feel excited about spending time with your partner without much distraction. Undivided attention and keen listening evoke a lot of intimacy and romantic interactions.

3. Engage In A Cook-off Challenge

The beauty of most quarantine dating ideas is that it doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a lot of money. You can have an intimate and romantic time together from anything. Engaging in a cook-off challenge is among the good dating ideas for couples who love cooking or exploring different foods. You can challenge your partner for a cook-off using random ingredients.

Those with stocked kitchen supplies, blindly select some ingredients and challenge your partner to make something edible within a given time limit. You can adapt this dating idea to suit whatever ingredients are available and individual cooking ability.

4. Try Board Game Tournaments

Board games are interesting dating ideas for couples looking to entertain themselves and break from various organized activities. The best part of board games is that they can complement other dating ideas, such as picnics. Board games eliminate distractions from phones, television, or computers. Simply gather several board games, snacks, drinks, and light candles for a night of endless fun.

Couples looking for online dating first date ideas can also try online board games from various apps. You can engage in a video-chat app with multiple game options, such as guessing games, drawing games, or trivia.

5. Go For Virtual Tours

Following global restrictions, serious restrictions on travel and tour sites are in place. Most museums, theaters, art centers, and attractions sites, which are good dating ideas, are closed. Fortunately, advancing technology has made it possible to explore various places virtually from the comfort of your bed/couch. Virtual options, such as virtual Airbnb experience, allow avid travelers to explore their dream destinations without necessarily travelling.
Virtual Airbnb experience includes trips to Disney World, wine blending factories, cooking lessons, and watching aquarium live feed. If you feel isolated as a couple, this is among the best double dating ideas, as you can use Zoom to invite other people.

6. Have A Party In Your Kitchen

Locking yourselves to a party in the kitchen is among the top listed dating ideas. In this case, plan for a dress-fancy drinks party in the kitchen, where you can engage in several romantic activities. Since you won’t be going outside for months, most couples find themselves in comfy lounge wear all day. Break such monotony by dressing up nicely to remind you of how your partner looks good when they scrub up. Organize some semi-formal drinks, creative cocktails, and other outdoor-reminding indulgences to honor the occasion.

couple drinking cocktails

7. Competitive Karaoke Sessions

Couples who are great at singing can never run out of dating ideas during the quarantine. If both of you love singing, joking around with a microphone can bring much fun to the house. Singing your favorite karaoke songs into TV remotes, hairbrushes, or any other object might sound silly but could leave you crying with laughter. Such dating ideas are a good way to reminisce about the days when quarantine was surreal.

8. Make Playlists For Each Other And Listen Together

Making playlists for one another and listening to your partners’ favorite jams is among the few practical one year dating anniversary ideas. Something about listening to songs from your partner gives you an exciting, tender feel. The selection of music will not only be from your significant other but also reminds you of the old days when you had just met. You can prepare questions to accompany the songs or incorporate other dating ideas.

9. Engage In Online Workouts Together

With the gyms closed, online workouts provide a great time to interact, free from other engagements. You can find various types of workouts that suit your exercise needs online. Such sessions are a great option for unplugging from the rest of the world as a couple.

10. Bring The Spa Home

Recreating a relaxing spa at home is very easy. Before exploring such dating ideas, find all the requirements to exhilarate your home spa date. Among the essentials are scented candles, face packs, massage oil, and other essentials for your romantic zone.

Bottom Line

Quarantined couples looking for ideas to reactivate their romantic life or those separated by social distancing should explore these dating ideas. They are a great way to break off from the boring movie nights on the couch and stirs up your romance during these hard times. If you have other effective dating ideas during quarantine, share them in the comment section below.

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Ellen Orton is a psychologist and a content writer who specializes in the relationship between the sexes. Her main goal is to teach people how to build and keep a relationship that’s healthy, romantic and full of happiness and joy. In her free time, she goes hiking, volunteers at an animal shelter or plays board games with her nieces.

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