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How To Date Asian Girls

Men have long been and traditionally had to deal with stigma of rejection and it’s no less of a bummer to be shut down by someone of different nationality or someone that just have different perspective on love and relationship. Asian girls are considered to be picky on a positive note that they want men to really show their efforts to them. They choose someone more expressive because they feel more comfortable and more secure.

dating asian girls

When we are in our twenties and thirties, we design someone that come into our lives to be perfect, that fit our standards, which will eventually lead to a mental list of desirable attributes but let’s face the reality, those attributes will be gone once we truly like someone even not getting a single qualification we dreamt of. Others find their reality falling in love to someone not their own race, not their own nationality, but above all that, they remain stable. Asian girls would love to have that guy who makes her feel the “only one.” Now, let’s look at the top 10 list on how to date Asian girls.

1. Be careful with your choice of words
Asian girls are attracted to guys who are sweet and not only to their actions but most especially to their choice of words. Don’t call it cheesy, when you date an Asian girl, these words may be helpful on your date:
• “You look beautiful today”
• “I enjoy every moment when I’m with you”
• “Your dress looks good on you. Where did you get that?”
It is helpful as well to genuinely tell about yourself, the people and the things that really matter to you regardless of their culture and race so that they can tell you who really are. Don’t ever question her nationality, appearance or color of their skin because they hate being compared.

2. Go with the surprises
How do you really date Asian girls? Got another clue? Asian girls like surprises, oh! But not frequent surprises. It will freak her out why you’re doing that. Simple things really mean a lot. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a simple surprise dinner at the beach, or a formal dining at a restaurant with music playing in the background, getting her to dance with you is pretty romantic. It will make her smile for sure. However, if you’re done with these common surprises, you can be that simple guy who strolls along the boulevard with her and your surprise street food.

3. Be kind and friendly with the people important to her as well.
Know that women from many Asian countries such as Japan, China and southeast Asia are close to their friends and are family oriented. It is a turn-off if you can’t get the approval of their family or you can’t enjoy spending your time with her and her friends. Believe me, they are kind people if you can just open up to them. At first, they can be very hesitant but try to win them over too, they can be very good.

4. Learn their language
Communication is the most essential thing even if they know your language. Asian girls would appreciate is so much if you try to learn their language. Not even try but do learn. You appear to be more sincere if you want to learn more of their culture and that includes language. Try to add some humor while practicing the words.

5. Be cautious of not being too sexual
While it is proper for you to inject some admiring words during your date, just don’t overdo it. Asian girls like it slow, as they are conservative but not too traditional. You don’t want them to think that you’re rude or that they are being harassed. One tip on this whole Asian girls dating situation, they could easily tell if you’re a gentleman or not. If you have the chance to go on a second date, that means she thinks you’re good enough and you’re gentle enough to take care of her since they would really fell for these types of men. Who wouldn’t?

6. Be punctual of the time set, even if they don’t come in at your specified time
When dating Asian women, be sure to always comply with the time you both agreed. The most ignorant thing a guy could do is to let these girls wait for you to arrive. They could just walk away even at your first date. That’s so unfortunate so make your best move. Now, don’t get upset if they don’t arrive exactly at the time you have set. They are probably getting ready for your date so be glad. They will appreciate it if their date is waiting for them on the line, looking good and patient.

7. Stop being so formal
Don’t even think Asian girls love formality all the time. They love adventure, fun, and travel as well. So ignore the thought of playing formal and just be yourself.

8. Eat what’s on the table
When you’re with them, please try to eat what’s baked or cooked for you even if you think it’s nasty to look at. It’s kind of rude to not to taste it or make faces because you seem so disgusted by the food. It’s not like it’s not hygienic at all. You eat from the same source. Duhh! Especially when it’s made by her parents or her family, it’d be nice if you have the interest to show or some kindness for the people who made it just for you.

9. They might get a little dramatic but they just need some cuddling.
Often than not, they can be really sensitive. Most of the things you say or do especially when you try to promise something sticks on her mind like about forever so stick to the plan. If you can’t for some emergency reasons or something uncertain, explain to her in a manner she’d understand. I’m sure she will get your point. Explain in a loving manner and say you’d regret to cancel your day with her.

10. Don’t call us whatever you feel like calling
Honey, baby, babe, sweetheart, snowflake, cupcake, or teddy bear. Man! The latter is so creepy. I mean if you still don’t show endearment, then don’t call words that are unlikely. This is a turn off and may be scary for some girls. Be natural, call her first by her name unless she agrees with the words you’re calling her.

We are all human and we all have the same want. To be liked, loved, and to feel important to one regardless of our beliefs, our culture, and our nationality. In love and relationship, one most important thing especially dating Asian girls is to show genuinely your emotions and your thoughts. Be confident because on the other hand, you’ll never know the girl feels anxious as well. At that point, you can’t meet at the center so just be yourself and learn to be more open.

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