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10 Tips on How to Date a Muslim Girl

She is pretty, that is for sure. If anything, you think she can be ranked as the sexiest woman alive. However, all you can do is sit there and stare at her, because you do not know how to approach her and keep it going. She is a challenge to you; probably you are so used to getting other girls easily. This one is different; you know you are not going to have an easy time convincing her. She is Muslim. That scares you, because you like other people, are subscribed to the social and religious stratification of the world. Most probably, you do not understand the entire idea of Islamic culture. The problem is still there, you want the girl, and you are willing to look past religion. So, where do you get started in how to date a Muslim girl?

muslim girl

If you are still scared of making the first move and actually dating her, try out these tricks:

1. Do background check on her

Islam is just a religion. Most people believe that being a Muslim is the hardest thing on earth, even worse, a Christian marrying a Muslim. This is mostly because they ascribe to certain beliefs and rules. What you need to understand as you start dating her is that there are different Muslims in every country. They are all particular in the things they believe in. Hence, before you take her out and start talking about things such as the war in Bangladesh, you should know if she is from there. Be a lot more sensitive, that is if you are not already, and make sure that you do not say anything offensive.

2. Keep an open mind

This is for all of you who are trying to get her to go out with you on a date for the first time. It is true that most Muslim is very particular about their customs and beliefs. Every religion, state or countries have their own customs and culture.

You have to make sure that you are considerate and stay that way. Different cultures come with different beliefs and customs. Just because she does not believe in what you do doesn’t mean you can go ahead and disregard her religion. Be respectful and you will see just how amazing your relationship with her will be. Hence, as you go on to date your beautiful Muslim, keep in mind that what makes you different is what should bring you closer.

3. Timing

How many dates do you go for in a day? Are you the kind that would want to go for a coffee date, lunch date and dinner date? If your answer to all these questions is crazy times of the day and yes, respectively, then you will need to, make some changes. Muslims generally pray five times in a day. As such, make sure that you set a date at a time that is convenient for her, when she will not be praying. Do not try to make her choose between her prayers and the date. Dating a Muslim woman has never been easier, only if you keep to the stipulated time.

4. Food

If it is not familiar to you, then you are living in a cocoon. Muslims do not ascribe to eating pork. Hence, when you go out for dinner, before you order for a meal that has pork in it, make sure you ask her if she is okay with it. Again, it is always good to treat a woman like a queen, giving her a chance to choose what she wants to eat or do.

5. Avoid intimate touching, unless allowed

As you have already read, different Muslim girls believe in different things. This means that some are very strict about their religion, while others are not and are not very interested in Muslim dating rules and Muslim dating advice. Hence, you have to make sure that you are aware of the kind of girl she is. When you know this, you will know when to lean in for a hug or a kiss and when not to. At least you will avoid being slapped across the face for disrespecting her.

6. Stick to comfortable topics

It can be very nerve wrecking when you start talking about or the disparities between Christianity and Islam, especially where there are different opinions about a Christian marrying a Muslim. The only result that you get from having such conversations is an argument. This only means that your date will end in a fight or not even start, and then you lose the girl you so badly wanted. A lot of controversy exists between Christian-Muslim marriages and it is a good topic, but I am sure you can come up with conversational topics better than that. You could even try talking about the weather, and see how easy it is to start dating a Muslim woman.

7. Dressing

What would happen if everyone around you judged you by the kind of clothes you wear? We spend a good time of our lives judging other people; from how they walk to how they dress and even what they eat. Dating a Muslim woman can be hectic if you are one of the people who care about their dress code. Some prefer to wear the head scarf, while others do not. What you must be aware of is that the scarf does not infer on their character and should not stress too much.

8. Take care when it comes to drinks.

This is a major tip on how to date a Muslim woman. It is common to all that Islam does not allow alcohol intake. Hence, exercise some respect for her religion and avoid asking for an alcoholic drink on your first date, even worse, offer it to her.

9. Ramadan

This is a period of fasting and prayer for Muslims. They particularly fast the entire day, break their fast at night, pray and start the routine all over again. Hence, do not ask her out for lunch during this time, you are bound to get turned down.

10. Be considerate

Respect is paramount. As it is, Muslim dating rules provide that respect to the Islamic religion is important. Hence, you make sure that you see her religion as important, just as yours, and respect that.

As a tip off for you, if you are looking for a one-night stand to exercise your randy ways, please move on. Muslim relationship advice does not advocate for such.

3 thoughts on “10 Tips on How to Date a Muslim Girl”


  2. Casey-Christina Murphy

    Muslim women do not “date” non-Muslim men. We are forbidden from marrying them. That includes Christians and Jews. Muslim men are permitted to marry practicing Christian women and Jews too.
    (We also don’t approve of pork or alcohol in any consumption so she most certainly will not sit with you while you drink/eat it.)
    Reducing a woman of faith to a sexual being is the reason why we wear hijab. She is more than a thing to gaze and and defile with your eyes.

    If you want her, become a Muslim for the sake of God, ask her for her brother’s or father’s number and ask him (once you have converted to Islam for God and not just to marry her) if he will permit you get to know him daughter and to go on chaperoned dates -more properly called “courting”- because it is for the purpose of marriage, not casual dates for little to no genuine reason for them.
    You must never touch or be alone with a Muslim woman you are not related or married to. We hold our religion in the highest regard, it is intrinsic to who we are. Please do not put our life into bullet points with little information on who we actually are and what are beliefs are. We will not entertain non-Muslim men as potential husbands, especially because those who don’t share our values and beliefs added that our marriage to them if they are not Muslim will not be valid.

  3. Casey-Christiana Murphy yes exactly! Bless you sis! Perfectly said everything in a nutshell! Your comment should be the article to this post’s point

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