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Muslima Review

muslima dating site review

Niche dating sites like Muslima make finding the ideal mate online so easy. Muslima is an online dating site that brings together the Muslim community living in or out of Muslim countries. If you are Muslim and you work far from home, or maybe you have emigrated to another country but you would still like to date from home, then this is the website where you should sign up for a free account. You will meet so many Muslim singles from all parts of the world. There are not many dating websites in the market where you can be assured of finding an exclusive, well, almost exclusive, a Muslim community. In this Muslima review, we will show you just why you should sign up for an account with them.


The first thing that comes to mind whenever an online dating site is mentioned, is whether it is free, paid for, or both. Well, Muslima is both free and paid for. This makes it an affordable site for every single Muslim man or woman out there. However, getting free services does not mean that the services are of poor quality. It means that irrespective of your budget, you can still get an opportunity to find your soul mate on the internet.

Once you are done with the money issue, you need to ask yourself this question; is Muslima legit? No one wants to use an illegitimate site to get someone to date. Internet scams maybe manufactured in basements but they are perfected on the dating sites. Muslima is legit, thus there is no need to worry about signing up and even paying for membership. Your details will never be used or given out to anyone. This is a site that you can recommend to your friends, family and even colleagues.

Muslima has many members and a good majority of those are online at any given time. For example, between 2500 and 4500 members are active at any given time. If you are looking for an opportunity to find a date fast, this is the dating site to subscribe to.

Since Muslima is a Cupid Media site, well, what more can we say? Cupid Media has helped millions of people find love online, what with more than thirty fully-fledged dating sites. Therefore, backed by this knowledge, you can be sure that this website will give you value for your time and money. You will find a soul mate here, be assured of that. You can send interest to a person that you like and immediately, the other person will see that you like them. If they respond in kind, or if they send you an email, you will be good to go, get chatting, video calling and so on, until you get to know one another.

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What features will you have at your disposal to make it easy for you to find a date on this site? It is full of features, some that you will use almost every day and some that you will never use. Some that you will have to pay or upgrade your membership to unlock and some that you can use even as a free/standard member.

Muslima is legit; thus it is a popular site among the Muslim communities. Talking of payment, there are three levels or classes of people on this site: those using the standard rate, gold or platinum memberships. Standard users use this dating site free of charge, gold users pay something while platinum users pay the highest. It is up to you to decide which level to start with. If in doubt, start at the standard level and see whether Muslima fits you or not.

Muslima is user-friendly site. No one wants to use a site that gives them a headache to navigate. The site is simple. Translations are provided in case the person you like has his or her profile in a language that you are not familiar with. Note however that the translation services are for people who have paid for the Platinum membership level.

Before you think about searching for a Muslim single to date, you need to first sign up on Muslima; then decide whether you want to use its services for free as a standard user or you want to enjoy the advanced aspects that come with being a gold or platinum user. Now, as a standard user your profile will of course include your email, birthday, address and your gender. After that you need to describe your physique. Are you tall, dark, chocolate colored? Whatever your description is, it is acceptable on Muslima. Do you have children? Are you divorced? Such are the basic details needed and of course which sect of Islam are you?

Afterwards you are supposed to describe the kind of person you want to date or even marry in the end. You are allowed to upload not more than 5 photos of yourself.

As a standard user there are services you do not enjoy on Muslima. These include instant messaging, translation of profiles, ad-free browsing, video chatting, and advanced search. Gold users enjoy many features that the standard users don’t. As a platinum user the services available to you are more appealing. They entail video chatting, profile highlighting, advanced matchmaking access to higher profiles.

For a standard search you can use gender, age and location to get your match while for advanced search you use religion, nationality and even ethnicity to get your match.


Payment is done using credit cards, through banks and PayPal too. You are free to stop using the Muslima site any time you want; there are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever.

Gold membership

You can choose one of four packages:

  • One-month package, you will pay $29.99.
  • Three-month package – Pay $59.99 for the full three months or pay $20 per month.
  • Six-month package – Pay $99.99 for the whole six months or $16.67 per month.
  • One-year package – Pay $119.00 for the full year or $10 per month

Platinum membership

This one too has four packages

  • For the 1-month package, you pay $34.99
  • For the 3-month package, you pay $69.99 for the entire three months or $23.33 every month.
  • For the 6-month package, you pay $119.99 for the whole six months or $20 for one month.
  • For the 1-year package, you pay $149.99 for the full one year or $12.50 for one month.


Muslima is a good site. Muslima will help you find your soulmate since it is one of the largest online Muslim communities in the world.

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