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IndianCupid Review

indiancupid dating site review

India is the land of Ayurveda. It is also the land of the most beautiful women. Due to a population explosion, many Indian men have been forced to move from their home country to other countries for jobs. And most of them are marriageable men in the prime of their age. If you are one such person, you are working away from home but you would still love to marry a woman from India, then this IndianCupid review is for you. You will find out how you can date a lovely girl from home, one who understands your culture and one who will stand with you all the days that you will be together. But Indian Cupid is not only targeted at Indian men working in other countries as expatriates. It is also targeted at any foreign men who would love to have a go at dating a gorgeous Indian woman.

If you are an Indian and you would like to marry a liberal woman who is not so tradition-minded, this is the website where you will find one. Most of the women are young, professional, in careers and ready to find a soul mate, you can be assured of getting value for your time and money. However, there will also be a few Indian women who lean more to the Indian marriage culture.


IndianCupid is a niche dating website that is owned by Cupid Media, a company that owns more than thirty dating websites targeted at different countries in the world. What does a niche dating website mean? Basically, it just means that most of the women profiles that you will find on this website are for Indian girls. When you go through the website, you will notice that it is indicated as NRI. This means nonresident Indians, but there is nothing to stop you from signing up if you are not an Indian and you would still like an opportunity to date a good Indian girl.

If you are a nonresident Indian, you know very well that no matter where an Indian goes, they are going to follow their culture when it comes to important milestones in their life. No other milestone in life is more important than marriage. That is why Indian Cupid leaves nothing to chance as it offers you are a perfect platform to find a woman from home, a woman who is aligned to your culture and one who is looking for a marriage partner just like you.

Well, while most Indians back home will still let their parents choose their partner for them, many of the Indians who have moved far from home are more likely to want to choose their own partners due to influences from other cultures. It is for such people that this website was built and later in this IndianCupid review, you will see that there are many features to look forward to.

Is IndianCupid legit? It is, and it is run by Cupid Media, one of the best in the business. You can be sure that you will get the best deal on this site. The best thing is that they do not have travel or flower delivery services. These are mostly the loopholes through which people lose money on dating sites. In addition, when you are registering, the only details that you will be required to give are email address and name and these are details that you give out every day.

IndianCupid is a paid-for site. For you to enjoy the best services and access the advanced matchmaking features, you will have to upgrade from a standard/free account to a paid-for one. Luckily, the payments are very flexible and can be paid as lump sums for a whole year, three months, six months and even one month.

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Just as we have done with other sites, we have tried out this site for you and we know what features you will find. In this IndianCupid review, we bring you the most outstanding features. If you are a free/standard member:

  • You can edit your profiles as many times as you want
  • You get basic matchmaking features
  • You can read messages from paid-for members
  • You can send interests
  • You can upload a few photographs.

For the Gold membership:

You get all the features that the standard members get. In addition, you also get features like:

  • Ad-free browsing experience
  • Send and receive messages from all members
  • You can use instant messaging
  • Be matched to people who have a personality close to yours

Then there are the features for the Platinum membership. In this one, you get all the features of the standard and gold memberships and then some more. For example;

  • You get to translate messages to your language
  • You can create introduction videos
  • Live chat
  • Send and get emails from all members
  • Get your profile highlighted to rank higher in search
  • Advanced matchmaking

The bottom line: You can see that you will have to pay to unlock more features. This is a good thing because IndianCupid aims to keep the members who are not serious out. If you are seriously in search of a casual date, long-term relationship or even marriage partner, then you will not hesitate to pay.


Only two memberships are going to cost you money. Gold membership is cheaper, but it has fewer features. Platinum membership is costlier but it has more features.

For Gold membership:

  • One-month payment will cost you $24.98
  • Three-month payment will cost you $16.66 per month or $49.98 in total
  • Twelve-month membership will cost you $8.33 per month or $99.96 in total

For Platinum membership

  • One-month payment is $29.98
  • Three-month payment is $20 per month or $60 in total
  • Twelve-month payment is $10 per month or $120 in total

Our verdict

Is IndianCupid legit? Yes, we have already established that. If you are a NRI, then this is the right place for you where you will find Indian women dressed traditionally as well as in jeans, meaning that you find Indian women from all backgrounds. However, this site is not for people seeking traditional marriage opportunities. It is for the liberal minded, targeted at anyone looking to meet a modern Indian woman.

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