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Top 10 Tips of How to Date Indian Women

Someone jokingly said this about American dating:

First day – Date
Second day – Hug
Third day – hug
Fourth day – Kiss
Fifth day – deep kiss
Sixth day – sex

Well, I don’t know how true that is, but I certainly know for a fact that the Indian dating culture does not go that way. You will have to be more sophisticated than that, you will have to be more cultured. But date her you will, even marry her if you so wish, eventually.

Welcome to dating in the land of Ayurveda medicine, which is respected all over the world. The question though is, do they have medicine for the matters of the heart? Maybe. This is the land of the Taj Mahal, one of the most mesmerizing wonders of architecture. If you are looking forward to dating Indian single women, you will be in for a great time as there are many of them looking to experience love the western way.  The meeting of two cultures is always a thing of beauty and fireworks. You will love it.

Here are a few tips for how to date Indian women

1. Learn about their culture, most importantly about their food

Indians love their cuisine. The sooner you learn to eat it and like it, the better! Not that there is something to dislike in it- it’s awesome. Their food is awesome, but it could be too hot for your taste buds if you aren’t used to red hot chilies. If you can eat a person’s food, then it shows you trust them and that you are ready to mingle. Dating an Indian girl starts with learning something about her culture, her food, her people and her customs. Luckily, the internet has everything that you may need to know.

2. You have to impress the girl’s family

Now, for Indian women dating white men, one thing that you have to know is that dating an Indian is a family affair. It is not like in the US where as soon as a kid finishes college they get out of home and go start their life elsewhere. In India, many families live together, even those who are married. If you are dating Indian girl, do not be surprised if she wants you to meet her parents soon.

3. Join an Indian dating website

Yes, this is very important. You have to join an Indian dating website where you will have more chances of meeting an Indian woman to date rather than looking around for one in your city. Again, if what you are looking for is a full Indian experience, then getting a girl from India would be the ideal thing to do.

4. She will scrutinize you – she is an Indian

Indian girls have been brought up in such a way that they have very strong moral values instilled in them from a young age and the main thing that they look for is your human values. I am afraid to tell you that when dating an Indian girl, your bank balance is not going to impress her but your values as a human being will. However, it does not hurt to have some money to treat a woman now, does it?

5. Show her that you are responsible

In the Indian culture, the women have been brought up to look up to their men. Men are the head of the family and they assume responsibility, but with modernization, that is changing. However, if you are 30, still living with your parents in Iowa, have no job and you are generally a couch potato who has been rejected by the local girls, no tips for dating Indian women will help you get a good Indian girl.

6. What are you looking for in your Indian date?

Women like men who shoot from the hip, that is, men who say right on what they expect from the relationship. For example, if you are looking for sex with the Indian single woman, just say so. That way, if she is for it, you can get together knowing what both of you want instead of wasting each other’s time.

7. Do not hold back if she shows some reluctance – continue wooing her

Indian girls can be a shy lot. This is because in some places in India, having a boyfriend is heavily frowned upon and it is taken to mean that she has compromised her honor. Thus, at first, she might show some reluctance, but you can convince her by being persistent and persuasive.

8. Treat her – she is a woman!

To succeed in how to date Indian women, you will have to pull on some chivalrous attitude, some gentlemanly behavior.  You may be used to splitting bills with Western women, but Indian women are a different kettle of fish altogether. In any case, every woman loves a treat from her man from time to time. Take care of those bills.

9. If you are dating online … breaking the ice

Yes, dating online should be fun and easy, but if you know zilch about it, it will not be so good for you. Thus, you need to know a few things about it. Mostly, conversations on the Indian dating website start with knowing each other beyond the pseudonym used to create the profile, the personal interests like hobbies, movies, music and so on. It starts with anything that can give you a commonly shared ground. Know a few Bhangra musicians, a few hot Bollywood actors and so on.

10. Don’t fain interest in her – be genuinely interested

Women, from all cultures are talkers; men from all over the world are poor listeners with an attention span of a hyperactive terrible two. However, you can learn to listen. Switch off your mobile, listen to her, ask her questions and look her in the face. How to date Indian girls is really no different from how to date any other woman. Just be genuinely interested in her.


If you can really enlighten yourself, know a few things about India and generally get out of your western cocoon of thinking that all Indians are the same, you can do very well dating an Indian single. And just so you know, these are not like the native Indians tribes of America. They are from India…

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