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10 Tips Of How To Date Kenyan Girls

She is one of the most beautiful African women. Dating a Kenyan girl is comparable to reading a bestselling novel. She is at the top of her game in terms of culture, complexion, weight and height. The ebony or chocolate complexion, the smooth skin and the carefree laugh tells you that you are in a Africa, where every moment is a laughing and loving moment. The friendliness is what makes her one of the most amazing women in Africa for you to date. It is neither too hard nor too easy to date a Kenyan girl, but if one takes this Kenyan women dating advice to heart then one is good to go.

Kenyan Girls

Kenyan Girls

Below are ten tips on how to date Kenyan girls:

1. Show some optimism

As one of the developing nations barely out of the category of third world countries, Kenyans live on faith, and a lot of optimism. Reflect this hope too, be at your best always. Always try to be that guy who sees a glass that’s half full rather than one that’s half empty. Never bring up issues to do with family drama, stress at your workplace and your ex girlfriends especially on your first date.

2. Fly out to meet her in her own country

No gentleman meets a lady online and expects her to fly out to meet him. The man always takes the first initiative of going out to meet the lady. Be ready, she will want to show you off to family, friends and the society in general, especially if you are white. Later on, she can pay you back by visiting you in your home country.

3. Know something about the Kenyan culture

Identifying with the girl’s way of life is of key importance in winning her heart. As mentioned earlier, Kenya is a diverse society so it’s important to know the way of life of the Kenyan people and particularly that of the girl in question. Knowing one or two words say greetings in her native language is quite impressive. For a start, jambo, habari yako, u hali gani etc will do. All of these are Swahili words for “How are you?”.

4. Have an appealing or interesting character

If you are looking to date a Kenyan lady you need to be a person of very interesting character. This is evident in one’s ability to keep the conversation going and therefore you need to be one who has a sense of humor in addition to taking on an intelligent conversation. The urban ladies will spot a bore when he is still miles away. Do not be a bore, be interesting, the real man himself.

5. Respect her

All women love men who treat them with the respect they deserve and Kenyan ladies are no exception. Show her respect and treat her like a queen and sure enough you will never look back. Appreciate what little effort she makes to look good for you, women like men who do so and so does a Kenyan woman.

6. Make your intentions known

You need to be straight forward with your intentions of dating the Kenyan girl. Whether you are looking to have fun or for a long term relationship, it has to be stated clearly from the beginning. This is important so as to avoid conflicting interests as well as wasting each other’s time.

7. Use Kenyan dating sites

Subscribe to a dating site in Kenya where you will have a wide variety of Kenyan women to choose from. But there is also a need to be very keen while finding love online. This is because even though its intentions are good, it is not devoid of scammers. If you choose to go the online way to find love, ensure to check out different sites you never know you may find your missing rib in one of them.

8. Be charmingly romantic

Every woman wants to be treated like royalty – pull a seat for her at the restaurant, open doors, buy gifts and flowers. In simple terms, be her prince charming. Do all these things to a Kenyan lady and believe or not you not have any regrets whatsoever dating her.

9. Be yourself and presentable

Nothing creates a lasting a memory like the first impression. A woman needs you to be yourself not try to be someone you are not as it is one cannot hide their true self for long. Thus, it is prudent to try as much as possible to be the real you, all the time. As mentioned above first impression is lasting ensure you are presentable especially on your first date if you want to have another date.

10. Ensure you are open minded, good listener and adventurous

Be open to new ideas. The Kenyan society has undergone so many social changes and the dating scene is still undergoing a metamorphosis. Women like men who are willing to accept their different views and ideas. Learn to listen to her. A woman is more attracted to a man who takes it upon himself to listen to her even if he won’t say a word. So ensure that you just listen to her. The Kenyan lady is very outgoing and adventurous.

Take her out for nyama choma which is a rough equivalent of the American barbecue. This is a very popular and special dish in Kenya, and it is taken with different accompaniments like mashed potatoes, ugali (posho) or fries.

Also, be sure to take her out on a safari. This is a poor country and most people do not afford to go on safaris to enjoy their wildlife. Thus, if you can afford it, give her a treat, and you too will also love the adventure. In any of the big national parks, you are sure to catch a lot of wildlife, including the famous big five – the lion/samba, elephant, buffalo, leopard and the rhinoceros.

While you are at it, would you kindly pay for everything? These women are not too kind on men who love to go Dutch on the bills. Pay the bills and when her time to treat you comes, she will foot the entire bill.

Bonus Tip: Commit to her

She likes someone who is committed to her. Show her your commitment and she will give you her all. A woman gauges commitment in different ways, for example, the extent you let her into your life, want her to take you seriously be open to her and so will she. It’s a give – give situation commit to her and she gives all she has to offer you.

There … these Kenyan single dating tips will assist you in finding that Kenyan lady of your choice and dream.

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