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10 Common Misconceptions About Online Thai Dating

There are several myths and misconceptions about online Thai dating that can discourage anyone from signing up with virtual dating websites. This is unfortunate because it can hinder you from the possibility of finding your perfect Thai partner.

Misconceptions About Online Thai Dating (1)


If you are one of those who are hesitant to try online dating because of these widespread misconceptions, it would be wise to research and enlighten yourself on which stories are true and which ones are not. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the most common misconceptions about using online Thailand dating websites. After going through the list, you should be able to make an intelligent decision about whether you should sign up for an online dating account or not.

1. Thai women are only after your money.

This is one of the more popular misconceptions because there are actually a lot of cases when Western men were used by Thai women to finance their wants and needs. But, this is not true for every single Thai woman on that dating website. These types of women only comprise a very small number, so there are still more chances that you will meet a woman who is actually searching for a partner, too, not just a financier.

2. Thai women only want to get a Visa or a Green Card.

This is a bit related to the previous item and the same statement holds true – these types of women only comprise a very small number of the population of Thai women. It would be much more complicated for them to marry a Western guy and file for divorce after settling in a Western country than just working for the Visa by themselves.

3. Thai women are extremely jealous.

It is true that Thai women tend to be possessive of their relationship partners, but online dating is an exception. Everyone knows that you can check out several women online, talk to them via the internet, and even ask them out on a date. Thai women understand that you are out to look for your partner, so they will not freak out if they find out that you have been talking to somebody else.

4. Thais are submissive women who only know how to do housework.

On the contrary, Thailand abounds in strong and empowered women who have a wonderful career in competitive fields. But, they grew up in a culture that values family above all else. So, no matter how successful they become, they don’t forget their role as a wife or a sister. Don’t regard them as submissive because of this.

5. Thai dating sites are only for men who cannot find a partner in their own country.

Statistics show that people who resort to online dating are executives and corporate workers who have very little time to go out and date. It gives them a chance to enjoy meeting new people from around the world without having to leave the comforts of his or her own home.

6. Thai dating sites are only for older men who want to find younger women.

Not all men in online dating sites are old and not all women are young. There are a lot of people who are in their 30’s and 40’s who enjoy virtual dating. They even prefer the company of people their age because they can relate to each other better.

7. Thai dating websites are scams.

There are some dating websites that employ girls to talk to Western men and ask them to upgrade their account to premium. It’s important to check the background of a certain dating app before you even sign up for an account. Make sure it is safe and legit.

8. You don’t get accurate information about a person on dating sites.

A dating site cannot control the information that a user puts on his or her page. Lying is definitely possible. That’s why a lot of dating websites support instant messaging. If you like a person, talk to him or her and try to discreetly verify the information.

9. Relationships built in Thai dating sites don’t last.

A lot of couples who met through an online Thai dating site are enjoying happy marriages today. As long as you put effort in your relationship, it can definitely bloom into something beautiful.

10. Coping up with cultural differences is hard.

This is true not only in online dating. It is difficult to deal with a person who grew up with the same culture as you – be it your friend, colleague, or distant relative. The key is respect and understanding. And, it should go both ways.

The Takeaway

Online dating is not so bad. It is actually an easier way to experience Thai flirting and meeting people who have the potential to be your partner. As in regular dating, you just have to watch out for some dangers that you might come across. But, don’t close your doors to the experience because of your fears.