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With the world having become one global village thanks to technology, you can date a partner of your dreams from wherever… and by this we mean that your dating goals are no longer inhibited by distance. If you are in the USA, you can date a person who is practically many thousands of miles away. Welcome to, the premier dating service of choice for people who would like to date a Asian partner. What is to love about this website? How much will you pay to use their services? What are the features that you should really look forward to? We will try and answer these and more questions here, in this short AsiaMe review.

AsiaMe Dating site


Just about to clock 20 years in the dating service, you have to agree that AsiaMe has some diverse experience in this field and that for many dating sites that aim to connect foreigners with partners from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countres, it has become the dating service to copy. But what specifically can you expect when you get to AsiMe? It is really simple. This dating service is targeted at foreigners who would like to find Asian mates and so far, it has been doing a perfect job. The core membership is mainly Chinese women, but there are millions of foreigners for you too. It is the sister site to and

For this dating service, one of their core ideals is that every profile that appears on their site has to be genuine. That is why they vet everyone who registers and therefore you can be sure that the profiles of the girls posted on the site are genuine. Over the 20 years of operation, their commitment has never wavered, and that has been to connect millions of hearts.

This is a premium dating service meaning that for you to enjoy an excellent dating experience; you will have to pay a fee to unlock the most useful features. However, what does it matter how much you pay as long as you are going to get the full value for your money?

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We have said, somewhere in the overview that AsiaMe verifies the profiles of the ladies. That is right … but then if you dig deeper into the reviews posted online, you will find that the company does not really do that since it does not connect men and women. What it does is that it works with dating agencies, giving them just a platform where the agencies can connect ladies with their men. So, AsiaMe is actually just an intermediate platform. However, not to worry as there is nothing wrong with that at all. The agencies do verify the profiles though, so you are on safe ground.

You can see who is online so you can decide to chat with them, or not. There are different forms of communication methods. For example, there is instant messaging which is obviously the most popular. Then there is EMF email – express mail forwarding which means that the email you send is delivered just as you send it.

You could also make a Love Call, where you receive a call ID that is valid for 30 minutes. Then you can call the lady and have a real conversation with her. However, if there are any language barriers, there are translator services to help you move things along faster.

Another feature that you will love using is that of a Date Request. You just fill a form inviting your lady of choice to a real date. You will have to pay a small fee for this request, but if the lady does not come, your money will be refunded.

You can send virtual gifts to ladies that you want to, but you can also send actual gifts. There is a nice online store section where you can choose whatever gift you would like to buy for your lady and it will be delivered to her.

You can also be able to browse anonymously on the site by setting your profile to be visible or invisible. You will have to post an approved photo to your profile so that you can be able to view other people’s profiles. That is just how the site works, so please work on that.


From many AsiaMe reviews, you can see that this is a paid-for website. Since you will have to pay for the services that you use, there is really no constant cost applicable to all members since some use more services than others. There are no monthly payments or subscriptions that you have to make, unlike many dating services that charge monthly fees for different memberships. With this service, you pay as you use. But you will find that without paying, there really is not much that you can do. So it will be better to pay.

Mostly, you have to buy credits to do some things.

  • For 100 credits, you will pay $399
  • For 60 credits, you will pay $299
  • 32 credits cost $179
  • 16 credits costs $96
  • 8 credits cost $52
  • 4 credits cost $30 and
  • 3 credits cost $21

As you can see, this is not a cheap system to use, but the truth is that you will get more than enough value for your money. When you call, you will speak with a real person. The profiles are agency-verified and therefore you can be sure that any communication you initiate will be with a real person.

Our verdict

Well, having looked at what AsiaMe promises and what it delivers, we can say a few words about it. This is a service that is targeted at people who are seriously looking for Asian love. So if you are not serious and just want to test the waters, this is not the place for you to be since the dating service is a bit costly. Is AsiaMe a scam? As any unbiased AsiaMe review will show you, this is a legitimate dating service that has been in business since 1998. Though the cost is a bit high, you will get the full value for your money, no doubt about that.

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Peter Wang

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  1. hi peter is a good dating site,they all seem to good to be true,and a bit expensive,got to know a beautiful lady on the site,put just not sure how legit this really is,love asian culture and find asian women so amazing and smart,,,,help

  2. I was registered member of Chnlove ,but had to leave due to illness. I wish to renew my membership again but I cannot find my membership number.could you find my number and send it to me please .my old email was

  3. Hi Des, I think you should contact AsiaMe to find your account with your own email. Have a good day!

  4. Hi Peter, I am so relieved to see this review! I have been writing to a lady from for 2 and a half years. She is a beautiful intelligent Vietnamese lady, which I have fallen head over hills in love with, and when we first met, she didn’t know the English language. She has been learning the language and wanting to be able to speak it fluently before she comes to the US to be with me. In the 2 and a half years that we have been writing to each other, I have seen other reviews on the site, that were saying that it was a scam, and planted a seed of doubt in my head. I want to thank you for putting my mind at ease!

  5. I am happy that you find your gem there. You can go further with her such as meet her family and may travel or live together for some time to see if she is really the type what you want.

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