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7 Tips to Marry Japanese Wife

Japanese wives mean different things to different men.

You know some key things about Japanese culture, dating Japanese women and you feel it’s time to consider marrying your Japanese woman.

You love your Japanese girlfriend, you have great fun together and you feel that she, indeed, is the one for you.

You’ve just about made your mind up but want to be just that little bit extra sure. What important things do you need to think about? Well, have a look at these tips:

1. Japanese women are romantics at heart

Give some very careful thought about how and when to propose whether you have fond your prospective Japanese wife from a mail-order dating site or regular site such as Orient Match or in your company office. Do you want to do it with flowers over dinner or maybe go all traditional and go down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Whichever way you do it, make your proposal romantic enough to captivate your Japanese beauty…

2. Family approvals

If you are in a steady relationship with a Japanese woman, presumably you have met the family by now (if you haven’t you’d better hurry up and do so) and they appear to like you—seeing you as a good potential son-in-law, who will be able to take care of their daughter, even though you are a foreigner!

Japanese beauty3. Even if you bride is a mail-order bride, she is still a woman and will love her special day!

Once your Japanese lady has agreed to marry you, it’s wise to get the final seal of approval from your future father-in-law. Of course the dating Japanese women but it you have to give your future bride’s father the respect of asking him. Your Japanese girlfriend can, obviously, advise on how best to deal with this part of your relationship.

4. Japanese brides’ big days

Weddings in Japan are meticulously planned and are causes for great celebration among the immediate and extended family—especially if you are the first foreigner marrying into the family dynasty. Go with the flow and let you Japanese girlfriend guide you through the process.

If you are inviting other foreign friends to the wedding, be sure to coach them or given them some tips about the right etiquette and some do’s and don’ts.

5. Settling into married life with your Japanese bride

As with any relationship, being married and living together 24/7 is not quite the same as dating when you might only see your Japanese girl 2/3 times per week. However, there is no real reason for the marital relationship to change substantially from the former one, provided you keep up with the behavioral trust you displayed when dating; for example, continue to show that you care and, more importantly, love your new Japanese wife.

As a result, she in turn will be loyal and diligent, maybe even becoming your best friend as well as lover. Treat her as your equal and with respect and your marriage partnership is sure to thrive.

6. Children and family matters

dating japanese girlsShould children begin to appear, your Japanese wife will be able to demonstrate her family-centric characteristics even more than before. Japanese women, by and large, will be well organised when it comes to raising children and the education of the young ones will be a high priority for her. The ability to ensure that children are well educated is seen as a virtue in Japanese society and your Japanese wife will relish the opportunity to show her family that she can still do this, despite marrying a foreigner!

7. Japanese wives keep a disciplined household

Disciplined in this context means well organised and a smooth running household—whether it be meals on time or a neat and tidy home, or simply being there for the man of the house.

Although gradually becoming more liberated with the efflux ion of time, many Japanese wives still place a great deal of importance on traditional ways of doing certain things and on traditional beliefs—in many cases the result being a nice balance of the old and new.

In reality, it’s hard to summarize the key characteristics of over 60 million or so Japanese women in a few articles but, generally, Japanese girls have a high reputation among foreign men for their blend of conservatism, pragmatism, femininity and beauty. No surprise then that the numbers of foreign men marrying Japanese girls is forever increasing!

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