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10 Reasons Why You Should Date Japanese Women

Ten reasons to date Japanese women? Just ten reasons? Well, I would say there are many more reasons why you should head to the Far East and look for single Japanese women, but these ten should suffice. You see, Japanese women are the real deal, educated, sophisticated, hardworking and very respectful. If you are interested in these petite, healthy and stunning women from the land of the kimono, you will have to up your game a bit. Does that mean it is hard for you to date a Japanese woman? Well, if she is easy to get, then you know she is not worth it. When you get hooked up with a Japanese girl, be ready for a roller coaster of a ride, be ready for the time of your life. You will love every moment that you will be with her.

japanese beauty

Here are a few reasons to look for a Japanese woman today:

1. Japanese women will not be straightforward in telling you off
This is so true. If you summon your courage and go approach her in the club and tell her you like her, well, she will act all coy, like a pussycat and will be hard put to tell you off. You see, unlike their western counterparts, Japan dating tradition has not made women so straightforward and therefore even if she does not like you, you still do get a sporting chance to negotiate your way into her heart. The western women would on the other hand tell you off right away if they do not like you. Thus, be ready with your game, you will love the way these women give men a chance and if you are smart you will not blow that opportunity. Be real, be nice to her.

2. Dating a Japanese woman is fun, too much fun
Tell you this for free … when you go for Japanese women dating, you will have so much fun you will think it’s illegal. These women are bundles of energy, they love life and are always ready to live it to the full, all the time. If you are looking for a woman with whom you can discuss almost everything under the sun, you have found her in the Japanese woman. She is cute, intelligent, giggly, happy, awesome, cute as a button and she is always ready to do some funny poses for you.

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3. She will teach you a lot about the Japanese culture
Even with all the modernization and technology, the Japanese have gladly passed down their history, culture and tradition to their children. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be getting a good teaching from your Japanese woman about the history, traditions and culture of Japan. Heck, even in the local gaijin bars, you will learn a lot.

4. She will teach you how to unwind after a hard day at work
If you are a harried westerner who hardly gets time to relax, if you are all work, work and more work, well, you need to look for Japanese girls for marriage to teach you how you can work hard, maybe up to 11 pm every day and still find some time for your social life. These people have been hard workers for centuries, and they still find time for their social life and fun. Their women are masters of time, they know how to squeeze everything in.

5. They adore family
That is right, Japanese women will easily make the best wives for many men because they adore family. She will definitely try to manipulate you, but she will be loyal. Anyway, which woman doesn’t do that? At the end of it all, you will realize that it is all for the family. However, be careful with the woman that you choose because many men have found themselves starved of affection after the children came.

6. She will take care of you, nicely too
Well, to put it straight and to the point, you will not get the kind of shenanigans that you would usually get from a western woman about cooking, taking care of the home and so on. She will always be ready to do that for you, to cook for you, prepare your clothes for you, give you a massage when you are too tired and so on. She will literary spoil you but you know what, take it while it lasts because once the children come, logically, she could get a bit busy for you. Be kind in return, help with the dishes, collect your clothes after you, be nice and you will get lots of good from her.

7. Beautiful
Well, you have seen them. This needs no further explanation. They look like exquisitely carved dolls, model-like with cute eyes and nice, kissable lips. It is as if they just stepped out of the skin-and-body magazine cover. Like their Korean counterparts, they are the epitome of oriental beauty and they will make you come alive in a way you have never suspected possible.

8. You will have lots of sex
Japanese women are great if you know what makes them tick, if you like her and she likes you, you can have at it anytime you want. This is true, but note that it is only as long as she likes you. Therefore, do not get this wrong, Get to know her better, then get her to know and like you before you ask for the cookie.

9. Japan is exciting, so is her women
This is a country that is ever on the fast lane, just like New York or some other monster city in the world. However, the truth is that in Japan, everything is steeped in tradition and culture, which provides a very exciting mix of things. No one day will dawn and end up the same way in Japan. Be ready when you date single Japanese women because you will never experience a boring moment.

10. She is not after your money
She is most probably working. The work tradition in Japan is very respectable and practically everyone is expected to do their part in building the nation. Therefore, she will have her own money. Tell you what though … a good man treats his woman and doesn’t particularly like to go Dutch on the bills. Be chivalrous, treat her with your own money. Every woman loves that.

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