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10 Reasons Why You Should Date Russian Women

There are more than ten reasons to date single Russian women but then the big question is, are you going to be lucky enough to make her want to date you? Maybe. But just why should you date a Russian women? These women are indeed gorgeous, with their excellent Slavic features. That jawbone makes them look even more attractive. They are head turners these ones, but then, if you are looking for a great woman, you know very well that she should be much more than just about looks. Great women are much more than looks. They have character, classiness, style and much more. They may not make it to the cover of Vogue, but you will know one when you meet her and a Russian woman is all that and much more.

Russian beauty

Reason 1: They are very attractive

That is right, Russian women are very attractive. That goes without need for explanation. If you would like a woman who will make heads turn in your direction whenever you pass, this is the woman to go for. Russian women are very concerned with their personal appearance and therefore you should give her time to really prepare to meet you. You can imagine what their natural beauty can be like when it is enhanced by the right makeup. You will not be disappointed.

If you are attracted to women because of their eyes, face or hair, Russian women have all that. Most of them have petite yet healthy bodies. So, if you are looking for a woman who can uniquely “model” for you, choose a Russian one.

Reason 2: High intellect

Who wants a dumb blonde? Well, as it is, we already experience so many blonde moments in our life, without going for the extra baggage of a dumb lady. Not that we have anything against blonde ladies! One of the things that Russian women are known for is their high intellect. Remember, even in the days of the USSR, education was highly valued. Today, decades later, nothing has changed.

What a great combination this one is… how often do you see beauty and brains in the same package? If you want a woman who can effectively help you figure out issues of life, go for a robust Russian beauty. They are the true helpers to a man, standing by his side no matter what. Therefore, with single Russian women, be assured of getting all the support that you need to further your plans.

Are you considering Russian girls for marriage? May be you want to have kids of your own some day. Well, Russian women dating leading to marriage will allow your children to inherit the best genes.

Reason 3: They play the love card well

If you have never dated Russian women, you are missing something. Single Russian women know what love is. Money is a factor, yes, but for Russian women, love comes first. They know what is expected of them in a relationship or marriage. They simply care about who they love in an amazing way. They will uplift your spirit whenever you feel low, laugh with you and have fun too. These girls are the real deal.

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Reason 4: Their response to love is interesting

Russian women dating is an interesting adventure. Single Russian women know how to love and be loved right back. Whenever you do something good for them, they usually respond with appreciation.

If you are a man, your ego will be massaged the way you always want it to be. Which man does not want this and then some more? Simply put, Russian women know how to love. If you are an outgoing soul, then dating these women is one of the ways in which you will be sure of not even one boring moment in your life.

Reason 5: To learn the Russian language

You really do not know a given people until you can learn their language. Я люблю тебя  is Russian for “I love you”. Looks really strange, doesn’t it? But you know the power of language. If you are truly interested in her, learn a few things in Russian. She will love you even more for the effort.

It is called Cyrillic language … I must say that we have all been enchanted with the cold war movies, and therefore Russia and her people have become something of an intrigue to us. However, did you know that this land has a rich history of culture and tradition? Look for Russian girls for marriage and you will have an opportunity of a lifetime to learn all these and more firsthand.

Reason 6: Russian women are true lovers, not players

With Russian women dating, be ready for few episodes of drama. Single Russian women know how to put off players or men flirting with them. Remember, Russian women know what love is, and they give it in satisfying proportions.

So, do not worry; she will focus on you during your dating period. She will never play you! But don’t you go playing games with her either.

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Reason 7: They are easy to spoil, they love your attention

If you are the type of person who does not mind spending on a lady, then date Russian women. They know all the good malls and stores. Whenever you mention the word shopping, she will ditch everything she was doing and follow you.

People disagree and argue in relationships.  When you wrong a Russian girl and she forgives you, do not just walk away. Take her out to her favorite mall or restaurant.

Does this mean she is a gold digger? Show me a woman who doesn’t like to be treated and I will show you a mean man. Gifts and treats are part of dating.

Reason 8: They love family

Russians love their families, loyally. Never try to detach a Russian girl from her family. If you would like to date Russian girls for marriage, ensure you are on the good side with her family, both the nuclear and extended. If you can win their hearts, she is yours. In the same way, she is going to love your family fully.

Reason 9: They are loyal

Getting a woman who loves you wholeheartedly, supports you and repels players means you have a loyal woman. That is what you get when you date Russian women. Loyalty is vital in a relationship whether it leads to marriage or not. It will help you to have a healthy relationship where issues are dealt with in an open way. You do not want a woman whom you doubt or she doubts your love for her.

Reason 10: That accent now … irresistible

If you are a freak for accents, well, the Russian one takes all the accolades. Certainly, we love to hear a big, bearded Russkie speaking English in movies and the women are even better. They make Engrussian sound so romantic. You will love them.


If you have read this far, it means you would love to date single Russian women. Go ahead, sign up for a dating account. You will find many gorgeous women.

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