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10 Tips of How to Date South Africa Women

If you have been looking for an opportunity to go to Africa, it is here for you. You can start by finding out how to date South Africa girls. It is not too hard, though whenever the word Africa is mentioned, people tend to freak and contort all manner of images on their minds. Africa is a great place in general, but South Africa is a lot better, much better than even some countries in Europe. In addition, the country of South Africa is so cosmopolitan, you know, with just about every race and tribe in the world being represented. Here are a few tips to help you date a lovely woman from South Africa.

south african girl

1. Know something about Africa

Africa is not a country! No sir. Africa is a continent. Why you have never bothered to read about Africa online is something that baffles Africans to the end because they start learning about the rest of the world from elementary school. Take a map of the world and you will see that Africa is the second biggest continent in the world, with more than 55 countries. Again, in Africa, wildlife is restricted to the national wildlife reserves and therefore the Cape buffalo and the elephant do not walk the streets – that must be Delhi you are thinking about.

2. Know how to ask her out in such a way that she will not refuse

Many men go jelly-kneed when they have to ask a woman out, yet it is ever so easy. Firstly, you need to establish a rapport between her and you. For example, this could be at a mutual party that you have attended together, or it could be at school, at work, online or wherever. After you have established that you are on talking terms, gently ask her out. Use statements like, would you like to have lunch with me on Friday, can I take you out tonight, can you have coffee with me on Thursday evening at Trattoria Café? You see, most men miss out on the South Africa dating tips because they are timid. Women can smell fear from miles away. Be confident!

3. After the very first date, do not invite her in

You meet singles in South Africa, you love one and want to lay her immediately. Women hate this. You take her out, you barely know each other and you are already thinking about humping her. That is sick. Do not do it. Wait until the third or even the fourth date. On the first two dates, just take her home and do not ask to go into her apartment either.

4. Choose a restaurant rather than a club for the first date

This is another of the things that you really want to take to mind when you are dating a South African woman. If you choose the club for the first date, you can be sure that she is not going to turn up. In the mind of a woman, when you attempt to take her to a club, there is a sexual motive behind your action, and usually there is.

5. Join South African dating sites

If you are not from South Africa, if you do not work or school there, where else can you get women from the country? Start by joining South African dating sites, of which you will find. It is best to go for the paid for sites because such offer many benefits than the free sites. Free matchmaking sites are full of scammers and people who are always looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck from unwary love seekers.

6. Choosy is not good, have an open mind

If you would like to meet singles in South Africa, you need to start from somewhere, maybe with the dating sites where you can start chatting up several of them and then later on, you can narrow your choice down to about three and eventually one.

7. South African women love a spontaneous man

You see, Africa is a land of joy and spontaneity. It could be sunny this minute and raining cats and dogs in the next minute. This spirit is exhibited in the beautiful women of Africa. They want a man who will arrange a date in the most unusual places, say, like in the park, and they want a man who can try and be different from the rest of the riffraff. To succeed in how to date South Africa girls, have a hat trick or two up your sleeve. Do not be a stickler to one path only as that would be monotonous.

8. Let your lady be a woman

The problem is, all that most men know about women, they learned from men. And the same applies to women. However, would you be good enough to let her be a woman? What do I mean? Women, no matter what their career or social standing is, desire to be spoiled, be begged, be taken out for treats, be told how nice they look and feel, you know, that kind of thing. They love it when a man exhibits control, say, over things like where they will go eat and drink, what time and so on.

9. Let her know what you need from the word go

Men are wily creatures and will never say what they need from a woman she turns them down. However, one of the best South African dating tips that I will give you today is that you need to be different. Be courageous and tell her what you are looking for. If you are looking for a one – night stand or just a short relationship with a lot of sex, please say so from the start. If you are looking for a marriage partner, say it from the word go. That way, if your needs do not match, each can go their own way, happy.

10. Go visit her in South Africa

After you have been chatting with her for some time on the South Africa dating sites, it is time to take a trip to Africa. You will love it, you will see a bit of the lovely Africa too. You see, it is respectful and gentlemanly for you to visit the lady first and then maybe she will visit you later. Meet her friends, her parents and most importantly, see whether you really love each other in real life. While there, arrange for her to come visit you back home so that she can meet your people, that is, if you have decided to take things to a higher level.

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