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SouthAfricanCupid Review


A very cosmopolitan country, with people of different origins, South Africa has gracious black, sweet white, beautiful Asian and stunning colored women. If you would love to marry from South Africa, then you have come to the right place because in this SouthAfricanCupid review, you will see why it is possible to find the lady of your dreams online.

Firstly, Africa is not a country, ok? It is a continent, actually one that is the size of the North and South American continents combined. Therefore, as the name suggests, South Africa is a country that is found in the southernmost part of Africa. Are all the people there black? No they are not. There are many white people, Asian and other people too. However, black people are the majority.

Now, there are many dating sites in South Africa and they all claim to offer the best service. However, their claims cannot be substantiated and therefore they may not really be the best. But SouthAfricanCupid is different for a few reasons as you will see here.


SouthAfricanCupid was established to bring South African women looking to meet, date and even marry foreign men to the cyber space and since establishment, the site has done a lot of that. However, being a niche website dedicated to South African women does not mean that you cannot create an account with them if you are not from South Africa. As it is with the other Cupid Media websites, this is an international matchmaking site and you can meet people from anywhere on the African continent there.

When you sign up on this site, you will be prompted to enter many details about yourself and about the kind of partner that you are looking for. The more details you can enter the better since this is a matchmaking site and they aim to match you to a person with a personality that is as close to yours as possible. You can even enter details like hair color, eyes, height, weight and so on. They do not come any more detailed than this one.

This site is also very secure. How? You ask. When you sign up, they will never let anyone else access your identifiable information including your email address. So, unless you exchange your personal information with the other members when you start communicating, you can be sure you are secure.

The site has free and paid-for memberships. What you choose is up to you, of course it will be determined by your needs. The basic membership is free of charge and it comes with just enough features to help you get a good mate. However, the paid-for memberships – gold and platinum are the real deal as they have so many features. You can be sure that with the paid-for memberships, you find a soul mate sooner than later.

And the profiles… are there real people behind the profiles? Of course there are. However, there are a few fake profiles there but that is common in every dating site. That is why you should chat with several people concurrently and then keep narrowing your choices as you get more comfortable browsing about site.

Is SouthAfricanCupid legit? You bet it is. In fact, every site run by Cupid is legit. Online, you may find one or two reviews that say something negative about the site. But then you know how online dating works. Maybe someone was asked by someone on the site to send them money and they did so without meeting them, and then somehow, they never got to meet. Now, that is more like a person scamming themselves, don’t you think? No flower delivery services, no gifts and no travel agencies. How then are you going to lose your money?

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To help you meet a gorgeous South African woman as fast as possible, the site has many features. You will see that it is a match-making site where you are matched to people who have a personality that is as close to yours as possible.

Here are a few features for you:

  1. The site is easily navigable. Browsing the profiles using location or photos is very easy. You will not need customer support to make use of the site.
  2. Sign up is free and easy too. On the home page, you will find a sign-up form and with a couple of details filled up, you will be ready to build your profile
  3. The profile buildup is easy too. However, you are supposed to fill in all the needed details so that you can find a match faster.
  4. Free members get basic matchmaking, and email communication. They also get to read messages from the paid-for members
  5. Gold and platinum members pay a fee, but then they get to use many features that enhance their chances of finding a soul mate. For example, they can instant-message, chat through video and communicate with all members, paid-for and free ones.
  6. Gold and platinum members also enjoy an ad-free browsing experience.
  7. Platinum members have their profiles ranking higher in searches than those of other members. They also get profile highlighting, message translation into different languages as well as advanced search features.
  8. All members can choose to verify their profile by uploading their passport or ID scans. If you do that, you get a verified badge on your profile and people consider you more trustworthy.


Upgrade to Gold membership and you will read emails from all members as mentioned above. It will cost you $24.98 for one-month subscription. Three-month subscription will cost you $49.98 or $16.66 per month. Six-month subscription will cost you $74.98 or $12.50 per month. Twelve-month subscription will cost you $99.98 per month or $8.33 per month.

Platinum membership will cost you $29.98 for the one-month subscription. For the three-month subscription, you will pay $59.99 or $20 per month. Six-month subscription costs $99.98 or $16.66. Twelve-month subscription will cost you $119.98 or $10 per month.


There, you have seen everything there is to know about online dating in South Africa in this SouthAfricanCupid review. It is not called the rainbow nation for nothing, it is due to its cosmopolitan nature. So what is it going to be – paid-for or free membership? Choose today and be on your way to meeting a South African woman of your choice.

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