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10 Tips of How to Date Australian Women

There are more than 10 tips for how to date Australian girls, but ten of them should suffice. Before we get to the meat, let’s pick the bone first… so to speak. You will have a jolly time dating the Aussie women. They are fun, a happy lot, you know, the kind of happiness and carefree attitude that you could expect from a cheer-leading squad for a college football team. But then, Australia, stuck somewhere in the warm, happy tropics, is a jolly land. If you would like a girl that can bring gaiety into your life, a hot, beautiful woman that will turn heads wherever you go, you have come to the right place.

Australian beautyHere are ten tips for dating Australian girl.

1. Finding a perfect Australian dating service

This is the first step for you if you are out of Australia and if you would like to date an awesome Aussie girl. Even if you are in Australia, it is still a great place for you to begin. It should be easy. Just go online, and search for reviews of the best Australian dating service. There is a lot of information online, but I would advise you to use the paid-for dating and matchmaking services as opposed to the free services. You see, the paid-for services have many features and they do have the best matchmaking software, such that you will be matched to the most probable women in a short time.

2. The dating culture in Australia is very relaxed

It is just as you can find in the US, in Europe or in Paris. Dating, public display of affection, sex, good living, coffee dates, movie dates, dinner dates, you know, the entire works. Thus, if you are from the west, the only thing that will be separating you from the girl of your dreams in Australia will be the distance between your continent and Oceania. The good thing though is that the internet makes people we love seem closer. You can share videos, pictures and chat endlessly online.

3. Be a proactive dater

Women are engineered to be approached, to be wooed, to be talked to sweetly and to be shown as having more value than they really have. Thus, you should get out there on the best Australian dating sites and market yourself. Remember, if you think she is beautiful, so do many other people. The competition is rifer than when you date locally because on the internet, there are millions of dating site users. Thus, be fast, approach women from Australia and tell them what you are looking for.

4. Show keen interest in your date of the day

This is where most men fail. They spot a beautiful girl from Australia online and they think, well, I would like to date this one. They approach her, a chat, or an email and soon, they have a conversation going. And then the guy starts telling her about himself, what he does, how great he is and how good he can be at many things. All this happens without letting her put in a word or two about herself. If you are truly interested in her, then you will let her tell you about herself, her interests, career and marriage prospects. Do not be a jerk.

5. Take any opportunity you can to go to Australia

Well, you should not have dated from so far if you knew you could not raise the plane fare there. Anyway, Australia is charming, the weather is great, the people are very hospitable and deciding on dating Australian girl was a great thing for you. If you have something going on with her, make arrangements and go see her in Australia, give yourself the treat of a lifetime.

6. Be in control, remain enigmatic

Australian singles, mostly girls are domineering somehow, but they are in full control of their life. This means that only a strong foreigner can date them. If you are a desperate man hankering after her like a puppy, she will smell your desperation when you are miles away and she will tell you off. Be the kind of man that always appears calm and in control of the situation, the kind of man that women respect.

7. Australian women have no qualms about splitting the dinner bill with you

It is so easy to know how to date Australian girls. They are totally westernized and most of them come from rich families. Remember, most of them are second or third generation immigrants from very well to do families. This means they have been used to taking care of themselves. If she insists on splitting the bill, well, let her. It is not that she doesn’t think you can pay, it is because she is used to paying her own way.

8. Australian singles despise dumb men

Now, if you are the kind of dumb man that doesn’t know how many continents we have in the world, or one who thinks that Africa is a country, well, I can assure you that no Australian woman will date you. These girls are steeped in culture, they love traveling, they know their geography and are most likely looking for a man who is intelligent and on equal footing with them. If you are lesser than what she expects, she will chew you and spit you out.

9. Learn a few things about Australia

If you really love a woman from Italy, you will want to learn as much as you can about Italy, no? One of the Australian dating tips is to be well informed about this great country, the outback, great cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Be informed, be smart. No woman in the world loves a dumb man. They think you might pass on some of that dumbness to their children.

10. She will most likely love the outdoors

That is true of almost all Australian singles, but there is no harm in asking her, just to be sure. You see, Australians love the outdoors and activities like hiking, backpacking and camping come naturally to them. Therefore, if you would like a hardy travel companion to Africa, Europe or Asia, get yourself an Australian girl. You will love her tenacity.

Good hunting.

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