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10 Tips of How to Date Hong Kong Girls

Hong Kong is a fun city, and therefore dating one of the Hong Kong singles should be more than enough fun for you. These women are way different from the women that you would find in the mainland China. You better learn a thing or two about them before you embark on the search for love or a good time from them. First, know a few important things about Hong Kong, like, for example, why it is a democracy and still part of China while the mainland China is communist. If you display your ignorance while attempting to date some of the most educated women in the world, well, you will miss out on the fun and on some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Be smart!

 beautiful hong kong girl

1. Know where to look for Hong Kong singles

If you think New York City is busy, you have not been to Hong Kong. Life is fast, work, work and more work is the doctrine. Thus, many women and men do not have the time to engage in conventional dating and therefore most of them go online. That is where you should start too. Look for the best sites for dating Hong Kong girl and you will not be disappointed. Look for the best, read reviews and mostly, know how to engage in online dating. The good thing is that you will have an easier time online more than you would have offline.

2. Many Hong Kong girls have had little contact with foreigners

You have to be the perfect gentleman for the women to trust you if you are a foreigner. You see, in Hong Kong, women have been brought up exclusively in their families, have never interacted with foreigners and therefore to break through that barrier, it will take some patience. As one of the tips of dating Hong Kong women, I would tell you to reassure her that you are alright, that you are really interested in meeting her.

3. Be presentable

Women do seem to fall easily for men with some decorum and a sense of style. Thus, take good photos to post on your dating site profile. You can take photos when you are smartly dressed for work or in your smart casual outfits. If you are thinking of posting photos in your pajamas, that may be more of a put off than an attraction. Be smart, be good looking and Hong Kong women will love you for your style.

4. Look for a girl who understands English

Now, when dating a Cantonese woman from Hong Kong, it would be better to look for one who understands English, that is, unless you know Cantonese. The good thing is that many girls who are local to the city of Hong Kong speak very good English. You have nothing to worry about there. You can know whether there will be language barrier issues even when you are dating Hong Kong girl online.

5. Interact as much as possible online before meeting

Now, you and the girl need to know many things about each other. The more you know the better. Take time, chat with her online, find out her interests, find out what she loves to do in her free time, anything to get you started. One thing you can be sure of is that if you get on well with her on the internet, then you are most likely going to get on well with her even when you meet. How to date Hong Kong girls need not be too hard once you are well prepared. Remember, this is a foreign girl and you are also foreign to her. A lot needs to be done to bridge the gap between you two.

6. Learn how matchmaker Hong Kong websites work

Now, there is a dating site and then there is a matchmaking website. The former is quite rudiment in features and usability. The matchmaker Hong Kong websites are more than just places where you meet your partners. In these websites, there is software that uses scientific methods to determine the kind of mate you are best suited to and then match you to that one. Truth be told, you are more likely to get a mate on the matchmaker websites than on the ordinary dating websites.

7. Use the paid for sites for online dating in Hong Kong

That is right, you should only use the paid-for matchmaking sites where you will enjoy better features and higher chances of finding a true partner as the people who post their profiles there are vetted. While the free to use websites also offer you a sporting chance to help you find a potential partner, somehow, they always miss on the most important things and anyway, you may want to use features that will help you browse profiles privately, contact users directly, send and receive emails and so on. Mostly, such features will be paid-for.

8. Look for a specific Hong Kong dating site

This is very important, as there are many dating sites online. Some are run from as far as Europe, yet they claim to be Hong Kong dating sites. You need a site that is dedicated to Hong Kong only. That way, you can be sure that the only women you will find there are from Hong Kong. That will save your time.

9. Specify what you are looking for

Things have changed nowadays. Some men do not mind dating bisexual women. For others, that is quite a handful, more than they can handle. If you want a straight woman, specify that in the search engine that you will find in the dating website. That way, you will only get filtered results, leading you directly to potential partners.

10. Always be the first one to make the first move

In your search for information about how to date Hong Kong girls, you need to know that girls will be girls wherever you go. Thus, whether you are dating online or locally, she will expect you to make the first move, she will never make it herself. Thus, if you see the image of a girl that you like, go ahead, indicate interest, say hi and then employ the best online interaction etiquette.

Do not ask for nudes – that will make you a pervert. Show interest, know her some before you get too personal.

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