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10 Tips of How to Date Colombian Women

Te quiero mucho (Spanish for I love you so much). If things go right for you and you get one of the Colombian women for marriage, well, you will speak that language. Gorgeous … you have seen these women on TV shows. They are curvaceous, have flawless skin and most importantly, Colombia is one of the countries with the lowest divorce rates in the world. This means that when you bring your missus home, treat her right and give her all the love that she does and doesn’t deserve … well, she will be for keeps.

Dating a woman of your own nationality can be tricky at the best of times. Now, you can guess what dating a woman of a different nationality can be. It can be heart rending and exhilarating at the same time, but then, the unexpectedness is what makes it exciting. There are those incidences when you have regretted dating a girl from a certain background. But that can change if you decide to date a Colombian woman. To have a great time doing that, you need several dating Colombian women tips.

colombian beauty

1. Recognize her beauty

Colombian women vary in various ways, for example, in their complexion. Therefore, you have a range of beautiful women to choose from. It is about what you like. However, Colombian women are very beautiful and you need to appreciate that. If you are a mean or shy person when it comes to giving compliments, that has to change. Otherwise, you are out of the Colombian women dating game.
Yes, women love attention but for Colombian women, you just have to up your game a notch higher. In Colombian culture dating, men practically dote on women, almost worshiping the ground they walk on. And the women love them right back. Can you measure up?

2. Their special attachment to family should be respected

If there is a mistake you can make in your efforts to find a Colombian woman, it is talking badly about the family institution. Even when submitting your profile on Colombian dating sites, avoid negative sentiments about family.

The Colombian culture stresses on the importance of family and this includes both the nuclear and the extended family. So once you are eyeing the Colombian singles, please bear in mind the fact that when you get yourself one of them, a day is coming when she will want you to meet her family. Do not resist as that will make you lose her. So start valuing family.

3. Religion is a delicate issue

The Roman Catholic Church and faith is prominent in Latin America, of which Colombia is part. Colombian women are raised knowing that religion is very important. So if you do not have interest in religious matters, you better change your attitude.

Once you get that beautiful Colombian woman of your dreams, she might one day invite you to attend mass with her. Do not turn her down. While in church just follow what the others are doing. Do not in any way suggest that you are bored. Never try to persuade her to stop attending mass. She will not stop. In fact, this does not only apply to the Colombian women, but to all the other women as well. Never make a woman choose between you and something she has lived and grown with as you will always lose.

4. Be real

Another dating Colombian women advice is … never be someone else. I mean, just be honest. Do not pretend just because you want to win a Colombian woman’s heart. That will fade with time. Once she realizes you are lying, you will be in trouble. Do not lie about what you have, who you are, where you come from and even the kind of job you do. No woman likes a lying man, and for Colombian women that is a big deal.

5. Be passionate

Colombian women love for real.They give themselves away to give all the pleasure to their lovers. Definitely with any action there is a reaction. When she is attending to you, you need to respond. If you are the shy type, it is high time you gather some boldness. Do not strain, just be yourself and put in a little more effort.

6. Dress well

If your intention is dating Colombian women for marriage, well you need to impress through your dress code from the very beginning. It speaks a lot about you. However we are not talking about being a fashion guru. No, it is simply being presentable. When going for a date, do not be in this black suit that is just too professional. Loosen up a little bit but again, not too much. Saggy-saggy pants and showing boxers will not do.

7. Blessed is the hand that ‘giveth’

Gift giving is such an important part of the Colombian culture dating. During seasons such as thanksgiving, family gatherings and birthdays, gifts are very important. Of course you know this. However, you need to be always ready. Your Colombian woman may actually grab you to a party. So give a good impression and get a gift. It does not have to be big, so long as your heart is in it.

8. Be a visionary

Among the many dating Colombian women tips is the fact that you need to be ambitious in life. Colombian women are very supportive. They accept you in your present state, but you need to have something constructive going on. Your Colombian woman will be there as you take every step towards your success. She will always cheer you up when you feel you have failed. She will be optimistic when you have lost hope.

9. They are potential, good wives

If you have been wondering about dating Colombian women for marriage, you need not wonder anymore. These women are raised to be good wives. They are taught how to care for their husbands, children and family as a whole. So, you will never go wrong with them if you are looking for a good wife.

10. Learn some dance moves

Those parties and family celebrations you will be taken to by your Colombian woman involve shaking your physique a little bit. I mean, it is just like any other part, so, loosen up if you do not want to feel out of place in those parties.

Colombian women are in a league of their own. They do what they do best, they love passionately and they are potential wives. If you are specifically set on marriage, look for Colombian brides online, get matched up and get the woman of your dreams. El amor está en el aire … Love is in the air. Enjoy!

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