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10 Reasons Why You Should Date Asian Women

To tell you the truth, there are a hundred and one reasons why you should date Asian women. Maybe it is the rich culture, you know, like the ayurveda thing and so on. Or maybe it is just… you know, the deepest intrigues of Asia. Man being a creature of sight, perhaps the physique of Asians is one thing that comes into mind. From their yellow, olive or permanent tan skins, Asian women are unique in so many ways. You can never confuse them for other women from other cultural backgrounds.

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If you have never dated an Asian woman, you may ask: why date Asian girls? Here is why:

1. She is beautiful beyond measure

Beauty to Asian women is what water is to fish. Let’s face it, what man is not attracted to a beautiful woman? When you decide that Asian women dating is what you want, then you have a variety of beauties to choose from. Asian women have petite yet well curved bodies that you can identify from a distance.

Their silky hair rests gracefully on their backs. Go to the beach with an Asian girl for a photo session and you will have memorable photographs of her hair and petite body. When you date an Asian woman, it is as if you are dating a firsthand creation of the gods of beauty, the gods of femininity. These women are all-woman in every feature, from their smooth, silky skin to their slender necks. There is everything to love about them.

2. She is a girl for every occasion

Now, that beauty of an Asian girl goes with the dress code. Here is the thing; an Asian girl knows what dress code is needed for each occasion. She will not disappoint. The dress, skirt or blouse she chooses fits her and her alone.If there is something that a man treasures, is a woman who can dress well without attracting players, only serious men. Asian women are simple, remember there is a lot of beauty, intrigue, and love in simplicity.

3. She knows how to listen to a man

Listening is a key element in dating. You do not want a woman who is self-centered; it is always about her and never about you. She disqualifies your emotions, ideas and even opinions. Save yourself the trouble and date Asian girls. They are so good at listening that you have a guarantee she will always be there whenever you need her. You know, don’t have a ‘seasonal’ girlfriend who sees hardships or confusion and ‘runs’ away, only to come back when you are fine. She will stand with you all the time. She is a keeper this one!

4. She looks for a rich personality

red-rosesIf you are the kind that brags about your wealth, money or property, work on that habit. An Asian girl wants to know your personality first before looking at what you have. Think of it, why have a rich man who is rude, intolerant and indecent? Yaah! It sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Therefore, you need to calm down and work on that ego, or else you may never date or marry an Asian woman in your lifetime.

5. She will be very contented with you

Remember, Asian women are simple. They are also comfortable with what is theirs. Once you visit that Asian dating site, you are in a circle with women who appreciate what they have at the present moment. If you decide to date her, you are telling her that she owns you, you belong to her. Thus, she will appreciate you as you are and even make you a better man.

6. She cultivates respect in your relationship with her

Men do not really want to be loved. They want to be admired and respected. If you have had a spell of women who disrespect you for the slightest of reasons, then it is time to have a new experience. Try an Asian girl. She will respect your views, emotions, work, house and literally everything and everyone in your life.

You will not have those uncalled for, embarrassing episodes in your interaction with an Asian woman. However, bear in mind that respect is a two-way ideal. You need to respect her too. Without respect, you will taint your personality however caring you may be. How can you be caring and at the same time disrespectful? That puts off Asian women. If you cannot respect her, then you will disrespect even her family and colleagues.

7. She has a bubbly, contagious happiness and warmth

Being friendly does not come easily as you may think. An Asian woman has a heartwarming smile that lights up her beautiful face. You cannot help it but smile back and have a girl to date. This does not mean that Asian women are won by mere smiles. There has to be an emotional connection between both of you.

8. She is herself, all the time, even when times are bad

loversBesides respect, there lies sincerity in Asian women. They do not coat jerk around with the truth or hide their feelings. Therefore, when considering dating an Asian girl, make sure you can cope with truth however uncomfortable it may be. Asian women listen, yes, but they tell you the reality; the truth. If she is offended, you can see it on her face, actions and words. You will have to sit down and solve the issue before moving on. If you like holding grudges, then Asian women are not your best choice. They are as real as sunrise.

9. She is a fun machine, no boring moment

Dating is not fun without fun. Fun is the other name for Asian girls. Whenever you date them, going shopping, swimming, movies and any other thing she considers fun, roll with it.

10. Start your dating now!

Asian women white men dating is real. Do not hesitate when you feel that an Asian girl you meet often makes you nervous when you are around her. Do not let her go without telling her how you feel. Whatever someone’s love story with an Asian girl was is not yours. You can check our list of the best Asian dating sites, date one and write your own.

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