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Top 10 Online Dating Tips to Help You Succeed

It is no secret that dating on the internet is more fun than conventional dating. However, it is many times better when you have an online dating guide like this one to help you along. Just like many services and products that you find on the internet, dating online provides you with so many options such that you do not know what to go for. But not any longer, not with this guide here. These ten tips will help you get love online. One thing you can be sure of is that when you date online, you will enjoy it much more than when you date conventionally.

online dating

What do you need to know to succeed in online dating? Let us find out together:

1. Upload great, most recent photos of yourself

Well, the selfie culture has caught on. However, that is not really what you want to do when you want people to notice you online. You want to upload a good professional photograph that shows off your facial features to perfection. This means that you may have to shoot a few good images, but you will not regret it as you will get good value for it. No online dating advice is worth it if it does not encourage the use of good photos.

2. Keep an open mind, you never what will appeal to you

This is important. People go online with a certain image of the kind of person that they want to date online in mind. However, when they get there, they find they are spoilt for choice as there are so many potential daters. So keep an open mind. You may be after a blonde, but a redhead could be wonderful as well. You could be after a petite brunette, only for you to find the curvaceous blondes much better. Keep an open mind for you know not what the internet holds.

3. Portray the real you

This applies mostly to men. Women can smell bull*** from many miles away. Now, you do not want to chat with a nice looking woman online and then at the last minute, she knows that you have downloaded Enrique Iglesias’ picture and you are using it as your own profile picture. She will ditch you immediately. Just be yourself. This is one of the best pieces of internet dating advice that you will ever get anywhere.

4. Chat with many people at a go

One thing that the online dating sites will not tell you is that more than half the people who have profiles there are just there to have fun, see whether they still have got their mojo going and then they will leave to go look for conventional dates. Now, be smart and try chatting with as many people as possible. That way, you will increase your chances of the date materializing. After you have a good thing going, you can narrow up your choices, until you remain with that one person you think you would love to meet in person.

5. Do not stay at one level too long

What does this piece of online dating advice mean? Now, when you have chatted up a potential date online, you should be able to read the mood on the ground, you know, like a politician and know when it is time to ask the person for a physical date. Move things to the higher level as soon as you feel that strong rapport has developed.

6. Treat this like the real thing, only take it much slower

Many people have the notion in mind that the internet works very fast, but that is an illusion. You should know that behind those profiles, behind the chats there are real people with feelings, expectations, dreams and fears. Real people. Therefore, rushing them along to come over to your place so that you can dip your stick in her honey well is a no-no. Take it easy, treat them with respect and courtesy. These are real people.

7. Create the right first impression

online dateFirst impression counts, even on the internet. Thus, be nice to the people you meet online. Treat them with the courtesy you would accord them if you were to meet them on the streets. Use proper language and grammar. You do not want to create the impression of a harried person who cannot even write properly, do you now? Write properly, use good language, be humorous.

8. Some humor helps a lot to win you some favor

Well, you do not have to be Eddie Griffin, but then, life is hard enough without you making it any harder on the internet. People are looking for a person who can lift their spirit after a hard grind in the office. Can you be this person? If yes, you will win many hearts.

9. No, you do not love her yet

You would not believe how high on the scale of ridiculous you rank with women if you declare your love for them even before you have met them. Hold your titties brother, there will be enough time to hate and love each much later in your relationship. Let it build up. Online, there is nothing like love at first sight. For all you know, that profile could be a fake. Any online dating guide should tell you that.

10. Read some internet dating tips

That is right, read some internet dating tips before you go looking for love and sex online. You do not want to approach the whole thing blindly, especially if this is your first time to date online. You want to start on the right footing. Get all the information that you can from a good online dating guide and use it to your advantage.

Bonus Tip: Use the paid for site if you can

There are many free internet dating websites and there are equally many paid-for dating sites. Now, there are many advantages of using the latter. One of them is that you get tried, tested and proven online dating tips. Another one is that when you create your profile, it is matched against other profiles online, and that way you will get the person who suits you most easily. Chances of succeeding on the paid-for online dating sites are higher than on the free sites.

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