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Which country’s men Chinese women should never marry

In recent years, international love is becoming more and more popular, cultural and ethnic differences already cannot stop the desires of love. But you should think twice before you marrying foreigners. Here listed for you are several countries’ men that Chinese women should never marry.

Vietnamese men

China is adjacent to Vietnam geographically. There more women than men in the country, so men dominate everything there. They do not need to do housework at home, all dirty work is left to women; outside the home, they openly have mistresses. So, if you do not want to be a torn worn house wife or cannot put up with a third person, marrying Vietnamese men is not a good choice.

Korean men

If you want to experience hardships of life, South Korea is a good choice. In the country, there is nothing fair between mothers and daughters-in-law, especially for a foreign wife. Korean men’s machismo is well known in Asia. Being a Korean men’s wife to large extent means you cannot contact with men except for your husband, if out of luck you will also suffer domestic violence. South Korea’s domestic violence rate is up to 40%,some women are even cheated or abandoned by Korean men, if you think Korean men are romantic and gentle, you are wrong! You must have seen too many Korean TV plays.

Turkish men

Arab countries are very strict on women norms, in some countries, women who crack her pitcher before marriage will be put to death, and her family will also suffer shame, such a rule is prevalent in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc. Because these countries are all male society, so there is nothing surprising when men tomcat around. It is said that Turkish men enjoy worst reputation among these countries…

Thailand men

Thailand men are a bit pretty, but they are lack in responsibility, just slightly better than the Vietnamese men. They are even willing to be lady boy, can you tolerate they are always changing between men and women? so take your eyes off them.

Malaysian Men

As for Malaysians, it is said that Malaysia was once given “red card” by the United Nations for its serious illegal human trafficking. So, prostitutes spread unchecked there, Malaysian women blame it on the prostitutes … if without huge demand, how they need so many prostitutes? If you want to be cuckolded and bullied, welcome to Malaysia.