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Pursuing Chinese Girls Must Resort To “Rogue” Means

In China, despite the fact that “one night stand” is very common today and the idea of “sex freedom” and “sex liberation” is very popular, however, most Chinese girls still have feudal ideas, Whether it is love or marriage, their minds always carry desires for wealth.

Modern Chinese girls are more practical, when it comes to marriage their primary concern is car, house and money. Without these things, even a good marriage will come to a stop.

Westerners’ sexual concept is as open as what the most Western movies describe, they care more about loyalty to love and marriage, those films only show an isolated phenomenon, not all of life.

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Foreign girls dare to love, complain and hate, care more about their real feelings and psychological confession. Chinese girls are conservative, and even naive, they tend to divorce love from marriage. Their hope love is romantic, but marriage must be realistic.

Chinese girls are close to others emotionally. They are shy to say “I love you,” and just wait for being loved. Even if they have already waited for you for 30 years, they will always say it is because of “not suitable for each other”. Actually the worlds are an excuse to cover up their disturbed mind.

Who wants to be lonely at night? Everyone wants to find a better half and dreams of obtaining love and care from another. Chinese girls often take dream for reality and can only see the surface of reality. The truth is that people have dreams and life is beautiful because of their dreams, marriage is the greatest reality to be experienced.

Do not expect to marry a Chinese girl if without financial security. If someone introduces a Chinese girl to you, she mostly will ask if you own a house, have a private car and money.

In fact, money can’t buy love. However, without money it is hard to enjoy high quality love. It is very rare to fall in love at no cost; at least you should have the money to buy a Coke from McDonald’s.

Chinese girls are too idealistic, dependency-prone and introverted. All these create communication difficulties when exchange with a Chinese girl.

In foreign countries one can directly ask a girl: Can we have a beginning? And straightly say “I love you”. While in China, she may like you, but she also suspects that you are a playboy or just simply put you on a “rogue” list.

The Chinese girls usually do not express their true intentions and feelings. However, the hopes and desires in the heart are stronger than any volcano. Chinese girls are so hard on themselves, only they themselves know how uncomfortable in their mind.

If you want to pursue a Chinese girl, you need to rack your brain, or even resort to “rogue” means. How hard it is!