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Are dating sites kind of “supermarkets with people”?

At work, College, school, in the shop – we can fall in love everywhere.  For some time now, on the list of places known for holding eventually future partners, is also the Internet through variety of online dating sites. Even few years back we would talk about meeting second halves over Internet networks very reluctantly – in the opinion of many people it was a cause for shame. With passing time this way of seeking love became more popular and not causing much of the controversy. Mature people nowadays, aware of their own values and expectations, perfectly well realize that love can be found every step of the way and the Internet offers huge possibilities for communication with potential candidates for a lifetime companion. The scale of the phenomenon of “virtual dating” is huge.

The biggest advantage of the search for love on the Web is that at the very beginning you can specify your expectations: age partner, marital status, interests or religion.

In this way we save time and funds on unnecessary meetings. Taking into account the possibility of determining the criteria, in fact we can grant the author right and agree with the statement that dating online have something in common with “successful shopping”.

Let us consider, however, whether in real life we do not select candidates for future life partners? Off course we do, but with dating websites we can explicitly simplify, do it importantly-faster and more efficiently than in the “real world”.

“And in the end, under the influence of emotions you will make a choice, which really, rationally speaking – you do not need”.

Talking on the Internet allows us to get to know the person to the extent that we can decide, if we really want to meet with him or her. Nothing more nothing less. Only after the exit from the virtual world we meet each other “really”. The assertion that the use of dating site for singles was the first and the last step on the way of knowing a potential partner is a huge abuse. All rationally thinking users can draw a line between virtual life and real one, appreciating the benefits of both forms of contact.

Writing emails is for many shy people much easier than traditional meetings-at least at the initial stage, when we only starting to tame our interlocutor. “Reading the breathtaking announcements from potential dating partners, remember, they are not just like that. Take the patch for their romantic confessions and philosophical ascent. It’s just makeup. What is underneath? This is what you need to know. ”

Unfortunately, most users of the dating services for singles are not able to maintain restraint in the creation of personal descriptions on their profiles. Many of them want to impress others by their resumes, insert retouched photos and creates a philosophical descriptions, in which they declares the intent to a long-term relationship. Of course, how we will treat the contents of the profile from person of our interest depends on our immediate emotions – however, it is worth to wait with the declarations to the first meeting and then verify the accuracy of the information contained on the site.

Remember that the Internet is just a tool of cognition, and avoid many disappointments.

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