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7 Tips How To Date An Introvert From Introvert Point Of View

Introverts are inward turning types. They focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. If you an introvert girl here a dating tips just for you. If you doubting whether that he’s in love with you or not. You can refer to this article, 5 signs that he’s in love with you.

This article cover on how to date an introvert and how to make them feel comfortable around you.


1. Don’t make them uncomfortable

If you’re an extrovert, choose a place to date that is less crowded. Introvert doesn’t fancy crowded and noisy places. Bring them to cozy places where they can enjoy their meals peacefully. Since introverts savor to isolate themselves. It’s your job to get them out from the box. They need someone to help them to go through it.

For me, it’s hard to have even a small conversation with strangers. I tend to panic meeting new people. If you introduce your partner to your surroundings, make sure that you don’t drain them. For introverts, meeting new people is one of the exhausting things to do. Give them time to recharge themselves.

Instead of, bringing them to places that are full of people, how about spending time alone together? This can lead to greater levels of intimacy.

2. Know their environment

Introverts makes their own energy. It’s totally different from extroverts, they absorb the energy from surroundings. Rather than taking it from surroundings, introverts use their energy to socialize with people. Set in your mind not to drain their energy. Introverts like to be alone and spend their time at home. But that doesn’t mean they hate outdoor activity.

They have trouble to interact with people, that’s all. Once introvert feels secure around their partner, they can do most of the extroverted thingy. Sometimes more than you can imagine. Once they feel comfortable around you, it’s a whole new level for them. They will try to change their habits slowly.

3. Learn to accept their flaw

Most of the introverts tend to have more negative side than the positive side. They keep overthinking things that aren’t necessary. Don’t be mad at them if they tend to hurt themselves by overthink too much but instead, respect their decision.

If you in the middle of a fight don’t leave your partner alone. Help and guide them in a proper way to handle the problems or else they will keep it by themselves and not going to talk about it. Don’t judge them on what things they did and if you did you just worsen their condition.

4. Be patient

Introverts tend to have problems expressing their thought and feelings. Don’t force them to do things they don’t like. Respect their personal space and know their limit. Since they not the type who like to share things even when they have problems.

If you an extrovert, all you need is to understand them and give times for themselves. For introverts, it’s not an easy task to trust or share their problems to somebody. They prefer to keep their problems to themselves. Give them time to cool themselves first and once they ready they will tell you.

5. Bring them to places they like

The perfect place to bring introverts is their own home. It’s sound lifeless but cuddle on sofa while watching movies is one of the best way to increase the intimacy in relationship. Introverts love places where people won’t be looking at them. You can ask them is there any certain place they want to go? Or you can choose places that suit their personality.

For example, if your partner the type who like to read. Well, there are plenty of cafes which provide free books, where you can enjoy your drink while reading. Other else, if they the type who’s like outdoor activity you can choose places like, taking walk at the beach, the park or hiking.

6. Take note on their interest

Other effective ways to get introverts trust is through their hobbies. Take an interest in their hobby or habits on what things they like. This will help you to get to know them more and make them feel comfortable around you.

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Introverts also tend to share their thought to people whom their trust only. By taking it slowly, I hope you will get know them properly. It’s hard at first but once you succeed its worth more than you could ever think.

7. Main attractions

People love surprises, but not introverts they hate being the main attraction. It’s not like they hate surprises; they hate when people focus on them. This will make them feel uneasy or worse it will tense up the mood around them and give them a panic attack.

It’s not like they hate being around people, but they find it exhausting to interact with people.

Better to find a place where a bit peaceful for both of you to enjoy your date.


If you want to get serious in relationship you need to prepare yourself before you enter the relationship world. Introverts are not kinds that easy to approach but once you succeed, that’s mean that they trust you to be in their circle.

To get someone trust is not easy but once you got it, treasure and appreciate it. I hope this guide will help you to understand introverts better.

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