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7 Habits That are Killing Your Relationship

Have you seen relationships falling apart?

I have!!

Relationship failures are a quite common these days, just like a part of life.

You’d also find those couples calling off their bond who were once deeply in love with each other. Looks like they were never meant to be or probably they couldn’t row their boat in the winds that came by. It doesn’t take a fortnight for bonds to break and trust to fall apart, it takes a lot of time and other inputs which cause that particular relationship to collapse to death. Being in a fairy tale kind of a relationship does not exist to be specific but you can certainly make it into one with all your efforts and patience.

For both men and women who are planning to start their new journey with their beloved, you need to keep a check on what can cause tension between you and your partner. And, AVOID those situations to even occur. Well, if they do, you’d know how to handle them with care.

Go on and find these habits which can kill your relationship.

1. Unrealistic expectations

“If I had come back home tired, my partner would be ready with the table served and would also make sure that I have a goodnight sleep day after day”. This sounds like a normal expectation from a distance, but when this happens every single day, it becomes an unrealistic expectation because it is only the one expecting is being benefited here. From sharing the household chores to the buying of expensive gifts every now and then, these are some of the unrealistic expectations that must be avoided in a relationship. Nothing works on expectations and one needs to be vocal about what you expect the other person to do for you if you are in for a healthy relationship.

2. There’s a lot of comparison

No man or woman can spare the horror of being compared with anyone else. Whether it is the ‘Ex’ that comes into the picture or your partner a few years back, comparison is not okay. A comparison is a deadly disease that must not be done in your relationship. Testing your current relationship with the earlier is an apt way to murder your relationship before it begins.

3. Are we going to follow the same boring routine?

To keep any relationship going as peppy as it first began needs a lot of things, out of which breaking the monotony every now and then is one. If you think that are those couples which never get bored of doing the same thing for their entire life, you need to give yourself a wake up call. You continue the same routine day-in and day-out, there’ll surely be a time when you’d feel the monotonous feeling seeping in your relationship. There won’t be anything fun or happening to look forward to which will help your relationship bloom and raise the bar of your happiness. And, boredom is one big factor that provokes couples to find fun outside their marriage. Thus, the relationship falls apart. Having a date night together or finding ways to talk to each other in some unconventional way would be some of the ideas that can break the monotony of you both being together.

4. Abnegation is not a healthy sign

“Abnegation” is a process that a person when he/she goes into self-denial or when he/she rejects something. This is one where the person builds up a wall around him/her making them stay away from all the problems that every relationship has. From having a small conflict with something to disagreeing with anything and everything, Abnegation/stonewalling/rejection is definitely one of the causes that take your relationship to the drain and ends it right there.

5. Going silent is what cold war all about

Communication is an integral part of any and every relationship. It is all about expressing oneself through words, expressions, sign language and other mediums. However, you cut down all of these mediums, the problem would be that there’s no way one can contact the other. And, if there are no ways to do so, the relationship will face an imbalance and fall apart. Going silent here is when you have lost all hope in your better half and are in no possible mood for you to continue this relationship. This generally happens when you’re too tired of trying so hard that continuing seems a task and achieving something is not there.

6. The lost spark of physical intimacy

Well, if you are going through this, you would understand how it feels like not getting love back in return to what you’re giving. Physical intimacy is what keeps a strong hold on both of you and keeps the zest in your married life going. No physical bonding is equal to nothing happening in life and when you don’t touch or cuddle or come close to each other, the feelings too bifurcate eventually. That is the reason why you have to be actively indulgent in making out or having naughty moments to keep the relationship alive.

7. Criticism the wrong way hurts

No matter how we talk about having and maintaining healthy criticism, there’ll be a time when you’d have enough of it. Criticism without appreciation (for the good things) is what first leads to cold war and we all know what happens if things are not mended. Constant complaining is what hampers the relationship whereas; it is the criticism that breaks a person from within. Consistently criticizing one’s efforts and complaining about the other person would be a joint effort in breaking your relationship to the core. Hence, stop criticizing and start appreciating one’s efforts.

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