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10 Reasons Why You Should Date Filipino Women

She will most likely be catholic, beautiful, serene and calm even in the time of chaos, yes, just as you see in the soap operas. She will have a chubby, cherubic face, a baby face, one that will stay young for a long time. And she will most likely be well brought up, with the values of respect and dignity engraved in her heart. What is not to love about the Filipino women? If you ask me, there are more than ten reasons to love these gorgeous women, but then, ten is all you need.

Philippines girl

Here goes:

1. There are extremely beautiful

Eyes never lie if they see something they like. The irresistible beauty of Filipino women is something you cannot ignore. The Filipinos are different from ladies from other backgrounds. There is no way you can confuse them for some other women even if they are biracial Filipino singles. Their long silky hair, flawless skin and petite bodies cannot go unmentioned. Of course, beauty is not the only factor that attracts you to Filipino women dating. There are many more good things about them as you will see here.

2. Show her you are the man and she will commit to you alone

If you are looking for someone to commit to among the Asian race, then go for Filipino women.  Whenever a Filipino woman decides that you are the right one, she is focused on you. Therefore, do not make the mistake of being a player or having fun with a Filipino woman. It does not augur so well with ladies from this country.

3. She will be a staunch believer, honor her faith

A strong belief system is another feature of Filipino singles. You have heard of stories from Philippines where people are even crucified on Good Friday. It simply shows how strong their religious beliefs are; not that you will be crucified. Therefore, if you are the religious type, then Filipino dating is the kind of thing that you want to try out. If you are catholic, you stand a better chance because it has most followers in Philippines. If you are not religious, then you need to respect her religion. If she asks you to attend mass with her, do not decline. You should never deny your woman what she asks if you love her. Make her happy. If you value yourself more than her, you will not get along well.

4. She is a keeper and a homemaker

Philippines dating guarantees you a great homemaker. Filipino women are wired to be hospitable and they do know how to make a home comfortable. Whether you are dating one or you consider marrying a Filipino woman, you will always feel welcome at her house. You do not want to date or have a chaotic, disorganized woman as a wife. You need someone who can make your friends, visitors and even business partners comfortable whenever they visit you at home. A Filipino woman will ensure they live happy and impressed.

5. Filipino women have strong morals

Self-respect is a very important aspect in life. You would like to date a woman who is not ‘loose’ in morals if you are serious. Dating is part of development in your life. Yes, have all the fun but remember; you do not want to write a history that you will hate or regret later in life. You may not see the sense now, but one day you will. Put your life in order. Date a woman who you can proudly introduce to your business partners at dinner, family and friends. You do not want a situation where you go to  a party with this lady you believe is yours, only for people to look at you with giggles because of the ‘encounter’ they had with her.

6. She maintains strong ties with her family

Philippines romantic datingIf you do not value family, you then you need to change that attitude; it might cost you your thriving relationship with a Filipino. Filipino women love their families to the soul. This is attributed to their strong religious beliefs, which attest to the fact that family is essential in life, and there ought to be a peaceful co-existence and care amongst members. Expect to be invited to family dinners when you date Filipino singles, being introduced to any member of the family however distant. It is all about recognizing other members as important people in a Filipino woman’s life.

7. Humility is a value they respect widely

Filipino women are humble and naïve in a nice way; even their looks portray humility. Have you ever met ladies from other backgrounds and all you see on their faces is: being outspoken?  However, humility does not mean being quiet but talking whenever necessary, being composed. You do not want a woman who shouts across the tables at dinner in a restaurant. You are better than that and Filipino women will spare you such trouble. Besides, there are those looks you cannot ignore. For example, when a Philippine single woman you are dating looks at you with these lazy, shy eyes, you cannot resist but do whatever she asks you to. You almost wish she acts that way the whole day.

8. She is submissive

Filipino datingFilipino women understand the difference between submission and oppression. Given what their religion stands for, submission is not being oppressed, forget about the dictionary meaning. Someone who loves a Filipino woman cannot oppress her or make her a slave. Submission has a lot to do with respect and speaking out one’s mind. Oppression on the other hand is about mistreating someone and never letting him or her speak out.

9. These women embrace simplicity for sophistication

When you go for Philippines dating, you will experience the beauty of simplicity. At times, all you need is a simple woman; it does not mean that such a woman is not sophisticated. There is a lot of sophistication in simplicity. Filipino women dress in a simple manner, talk gently, act humble and value relationships. But there is class, dignity and beauty in this simplicity. For instance, if you want to buy a gift for a simple Filipino woman, you need to think hard and at the same time think simple. Gifts need to impress the receiver and that is not easy. The best way to prove that is by dating a woman from Philippines.

10. They have class, taste and sophistication

You will not believe it, but the truth about Filipina women is that they are quiet, dignified and they have a classiness that cannot be explained. You have to date one to experience what we mean here. They add a sense of dignity to any macabre situation, even to any delirium. They are brought up in such a way they can be choosy, expressive of taste without appearing too overbearing.

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