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Top 10 Lesbian Relationship Tips

Forget the men, well, at least do forget them in this post because here, we are about lesbian dating tips. Woman to woman only, that is right. It is a great thing too, lesbian dating, that is. If you are a bisexual woman and you are looking for some woman love, well, you should not make apologies about it. Just gear up and find a good woman to give you some feminine love back. It is not like anything that you have ever enjoyed before. That is as far as the good news goes. Now, here is the bad news – the dating pool for lesbian women is far too smaller as compared to the dating pool of the straight women. What does this mean? It means that you have to be sure about what you want, be a go-getter and go right after the woman that you desire. After all, faint heart never won a fair lady.

lesbian dating

Here are 10 pieces of lesbian dating advice that will get you that lesbian woman you have always desired

1. Sign up for lesbian online dating

Isn’t this the first tip for any kind of dating nowadays? However, you need the internet even much more for lesbian dating because as we said earlier, there are fewer women for lesbian dating than there are for straight dating. Therefore, you may even fail to get yourself one locally in which case you should get one on the internet. Just go to the search box of the major search engines and type, “lesbian dating in (your city)” and as soon as you hit the enter button, you will have so many choices you will be surprised. Create your account, make a good profile with the most recent photos that you have and then fill up a few details and you are good to go.

2. Do not be too choosy

As we said in the introduction paragraph of this article, there are far fewer lesbian women than there are straight women and therefore as soon as you have created an account with a lesbian website, you will have to keep an open mind. Do not be too choosy, chat with whomever you befriend and then see whether you can have something out of it all. You will be surprised to know that until you can really talk to the people, you know very little about them. Go ahead, talk with them, know them and then from the first few conversations, you can be able to know something about them.

3. Use the paid-for lesbian dating websites

There are many paid for websites for lesbian dating and there are many more free dating sites. However, if you would like to find a lesbian lover fast, use the paid for ones because they have many features. In addition, they will bring you women who are ready to love and even match you to the right profile. That way, you will get love a lot faster than if you just use a trial and error method. Such websites also have many lesbian relationship tips that can help you sustain a great lesbian relationship.

4. Handle your first date like a pro

If you are the one who initiated the first date, handle it like a pro. For example, it is a bad idea to ask for a first date and then have to ask your date for plans. Arrange in advance where you will meet, what time and then just ask her if she is comfortable with that. I am sure this is just one of the most basic rules that you will find in any set of dating tips for lesbians.

5. Focus your attention on your date, totally!

Have you ever dated a man? How did you feel when he took time to answer the phone or stare at it when you were right there in front of him? Now, with your lesbian date right there with you, she is a woman like you and you know very well how she is going to feel if you go answering the phone. Switch it off. You are not trying to impress anyone here, are you? Talk to her, listen to her, look her in the eye. She will love you for it.

6. The first date should be in a place where no one knows you

Although we are in the 21st century, well, lesbian relationships are still something of a shock to some people. Thus, you do not want to take your date to a place where you are both too well known. You want to go somewhere private, yet public at the same time and have some quality, know-each-other time together.

7. Keep an open mind – you might not like her

Just like any other dating experience, well, you may not like her. Therefore, do not keep your expectations too high. She may not like you and you may not like her. Again, she may like you and you may not like her and vice versa. Just keep an open mind. If you like her, ask for a second date. If you do not, then excuse yourself politely, that is, after some hospitality and do not ask for a second date if you do not intend to go for it.

8. Get some lesbian love advice before the first date

That is right; you need some lesbian relationship advice. Straight dating is difficult at first and lesbian dating is even harder. For example, if this is your first date, well, you may not know how to go about it. If it is her first lesbian date, she may be too perplexed. Thus, you need some lesbian love advice, which you can find in different resources online and offline. Some of it will include things like taking her flowers or chocolate on the first date, footing the bill, keeping it short and so on.

9. Do not double date – It is bad for you

You may be thinking of getting started of leaving your heterosexual dating and getting into a lesbian dating. Do not get started on a second relationship before you are out of the first one. Anyone would feel slighted if they knew they were being double-dated, and especially women hate it. Do not put her through that. Start a new relationship cleanly.

10. Start attending lesbian joints

Small towns may not have lesbian joints, but big cities have several. Use the internet to find out where bisexual and lesbian women hang out and start going there. In fact, this might make it easier for you to get a woman than even dating one online. However, the dating tips for lesbians that you would have applied online still apply here.

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