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brazil cupid dating site

This review will show you why you should sign up immediately for an account and get yourself a soul mate from Brazil. It is the land of samba music, samba food, samba lifestyle… samba everything, even samba football! And their samba boys and girls are just awesome. If you love everything Galician and you would love to have a one on one with a woman or a man from there, you will find Brazilcupid very accommodating. This is a niche-dating website and like many others that provide the same service, you will get exactly what you are looking for. You can be assured that most of the photos there are for people who are from Brazil. Well, there will always be one or two, or even three profiles that are not really whom they say they are. However, with so many others for you to choose the best one, there is every chance that you will get what you are looking for on this site.


As we have said above, this one is a niche-dating website. What does a niche-dating site do? This is just a dating site where you are matched closely to the people who share the same interest like you. It could be based on anything from food, hobbies, ethnicity and so on. A niche dating site is never too general, which, if you ask closely, is the reason why many people try their luck on so many dating sites and eventually, they end up leaving out of frustration, without ever having dated the person of their dreams. But not BrazilCupid. This one brings you Brazilian ladies and gents since it is made to be a platform where you meet people from that part of the world. But then, to understand how a niche dating site like this one works, it would be better to sign up for an account and see for yourself. The experience, especially for the paid-for members who get to enjoy more features, is awesome.

Is BrazilCupid legit? We all ask this question before we sign up on any dating website. By the look of all the other user reviews posted on the internet, it seems that this website is really genuine. However, when you always think you will be scammed, you will get exactly that. Some think that a dating website is a scam just because they have to pay a fee to access all the features

You will be required to pay a fee on to access the best and the most advanced features. However, there is also a free membership for you that will give you the basic features. We will look at the features in detail later, but you can be sure that whether you pay for membership or you get it free of charge, you will get what you are looking for.

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Features for all members

What are some of the features that you expect to find when you sign up on a dating website? Well, there are many, and one of them is simplicity. No one wants to waste time scrolling through a website page after page to look for the terms and conditions, for example, or to look for the signup form. From the homepage, you will be surprised just how navigable the site is. Everything is right there on the homepage, everything that you need to know.

Sign up is so fast. In just three steps, you will be done and be a member already. However, if this is your first time that you are signing up for a dating account, you will find the short video posted on the homepage very useful. You can just follow the steps illustrated therein and before you know it, you are done signing up, browsing photos and meeting great people.

This is a paid-for site, but it also allows free membership where you will get features like basic matchmaking, sending interests as well as emailing the paid-for members. The site is also available in many languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch.

Then there are the paid-for memberships, two in number – the gold and platinum memberships. For the gold membership, you will get all the features of the basic membership, plus no ads, advanced matchmaking, and as a gold member, you can send interest to any other member as well as communicate with them irrespective of their membership.

The platinum membership is the king of all as it brings you all the features of the gold membership and then some more. For example, you get the most advanced search and matchmaking features as well as translation into your language.

Cost for the paid-for memberships

Now that you have seen the number of features that you will enjoy on the gold and platinum memberships, just how much money will you pay? They are packaged differently to suit all budgets. For example, for the gold membership, you will pay $29.99 for one month subscription. If you go for the three-month subscription, you will pay $59.99 for the three months and $99.99 for six months. For one year’s subscription, you will pay $119.99, which is around only $10 per month for one year package.

For the platinum membership, you will pay $34.99 for the first month and for three months’ subscription, you will pay $69.99. For six months, you will pay $119.99 while for the annual subscription, you will pay $149.99.  That is about all, and then you will unlock so many features.

You can pay through credit cards, or PayPal. However, note that your subscription will be auto renewed and therefore you had better opt out of the auto renewal option.

Our verdict

If you are looking for a Latin woman to love, this is the site to be at. Most of the profiles are for Latino women and therefore it could be hard to find a Latino man if you are a woman looking for such. Some people say that some of the girls listed on the site do not reply, but you can always try a different girl if one does not respond. Since this site belongs to Cupid Media, one of the biggest dating services provider, you can be confident that their services are legit.

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