10 Tips of How to Date African Women

When former US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger was in Nairobi, he met an African woman. A few years later, that woman became his dearly beloved wife. Yes, that is most likely to happen when you meet African women. You see, life is a bit slow in Africa, and the traditional ideals about marriage still abide widely. Thus, even for the most educated woman, there is an urge in her heart, to find a man who can conquer her, marry her so that she can make him babies! Are you going to be this man? Well, maybe yes, maybe not. You will love every bit of your African woman. As they say, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice (tongue in cheek). Anyway, no pun intended, I have no doubt in mind that African girls make the best wives, the world over. It is in their genes.

African beauty

Now, if you are from the dumb lot that thinks Africa is a country, well, tough luck. African women do not marry dumb men. So would you revisit your high school geography please? Now, contrary to the believe that all women are the same at heart, well, you need to up your game when it comes to dating African women. Here goes …

Let’s focus on the following dating tips:

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1. They love Transparency – which woman doesn’t?

Men lose track by trying to be what they are not. Some men tend to think that you will keep the lady or win them over especially on the first date by elevating themselves, oh! This is a wrong move. An African lady will treasure you because of who you are. You think you are a low class man, with nobody out there to love you and perhaps dying to have lots of wealth to start dating? Your true lady will stick by you, despite all odds. Just be yourself. Even if you are using an African dating service online, be real, be yourself!

2. Right motives

You know what? Successful dating is driven by embracing the right motive, and that is love. I don`t have to remind you all the attributes of love as I am sure you have heard that a thousand times. Don`t enter a relationship hoping that sex is the tool to keep an African Lady around. What a mistake! There are uncountable ways of expressing love. Let not sex be your main intention when it comes to dating you will end up losing out.

3. Smart Brain

Be smart, stay enigmatic too. No woman likes a man that they will read like an open book. Keep her guessing. Do not divulge everything about you on the first encounter you have with her online. Also, show her that you have a future. Who wants to hang out with a loser anyway? You will meet many women on African dating sites. Treat them right from the word go. If you are the kind that spams a girl’s inbox with gory images of your phallus, well, African women have some decorum, and you will not score with them.

4. Let her be the queen she is to you

Despite your occupation and your fiancée`s class, she is a queen. Every woman is a queen in her own right. In case you are strolling in the streets or out for a date don`t be ashamed of holding her hands publicly this gives her assurance of ownership and in case another man was eyeing her and perhaps spot the both of you in one way or another this will keep him off. If you are from the west, she would really love to show you off. Let her! Dating African girl is so simple, after all.

5. Learn to trust and be trusted

Ignorance has been brought down many relationships. You start dating because you want a good spouse in life this can never happen if you can`t trust anybody. Also, remember that it takes time for a lady to learn how to trust you but it only takes seconds to lose the trust. Avoid situations that will make her doubt your commitment to each other and never try the spying game. Even if you are dating her online, the more she reveals about herself, the more you should reveal about yourself too, to stay at the same level with her.

6. Be with a lady who makes you proud

This is only achieved with time. Don`t be in a hurry, take your time and go for a lady who is physically attractive to you and who can support you and understand you. How to date African girls requires you to chat with a number of them online. When you find the one you are looking for, you will know it.

7. Be optimistic

Your attitude goes hand in hand with your success. Drop that negative attitude when it comes to loving and dating an African girl, hope for the best and that is what you will get. You can`t go anywhere if you are eagerly waiting your lady to break your heart instead of letting her know that you believe that she will always give you a reason to smile.

8. Practice the five magical words

What are these magical words? Just the thing that your mommy taught you – thanks, sorry, excuse me, love you, please. African ladies will want you to say sorry even when the mistake at hand is theirs, a lady always likes to hear something like … sweetheart, thanks for coming, calling or even for loving me. If you have a problem with these terms, Africa is not the place for you.

9. Must have a big heart

Dating is not for stingy men. When it comes to African dating tips, be ready to spoil her not with what you don`t have but what you have is more than enough for her. Having a big heart is not all about having a loaded account. It is about sharing the little that you have, with love. Which woman doesn’t like to be spoiled? Forget about splitting bills.

10. Have a future ahead of you, have a vision

If you are interested in knowing everything about how to date African girls, well, you must know a few things about Africa. It is a continent that has had many upheavals. The economic stability is not as solid as you will find in South East Asia, Far East, Middle East or the West. Thus, be ready to spare a little money. Don’t be selfish, be a gentleman.

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